9Milepost! James score up to 26000 points ahead of Kobe became the youngest (video)|Milepost! James score up to 26000 points ahead of Kobe became the youngest (video)

Milepost! James score up to 26000 points ahead of Kobe became the youngest [James] sleeping! A dragon is cruel buckle basket empty basket blocks Tencent sports January 30 news knight being today the away game to challenge the piston. The third section 4 minutes 04 seconds LeBron – James to achieve the milestone, total score of his career regular season reached 26000, beyond Kobe Bryant became the youngest ever 26000 Mr.. Zhan Huang milestone in the third section the end of the first four minutes 04 seconds, James to force a breakthrough to gesticulate dunks caused by foul Drummond, James went on to the free throw line. Before James has had 14 points, his career total score has reached 25999, firmly hit the first penalty after, James career total score reached 26000, he is 17th to achieve the milestone of the players. In this way, James will surpass Kobe became the youngest 26000 points in history, Kobe do when in November 12, 2010, when Kobe was 32 years old and 80 days of age. The previous record holder was Kobe Wirth – Chamberlain, he did it at 32 years and 114 days. And James today in the realization of the milestone in the age of 31 years and 31 days. James milestones of a bit difficult, in fact, the third section 5 minutes 13 seconds James will have the opportunity to achieve milestones, but in front of no defense, his glider Split Button unexpectedly button fly and milestones can only delay. Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Karl Malone, Kobe, Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Dirk Nowitzki, Eugene O’Neill, Moses Malone, Elvin Hayes, Hakeem Olajuwon and Oscar Robertson, Wilkins, and havlick, Duncan, pierce and Garnett is at present, James in the regular season scoring a total ranking 17th, in front of him. James present distance in 10th place with Hakeem Olajuwon also but less than 1000 points, consider to Knight finished with a piston postwar also 37 games, as long as James health and state, to the end of the regular season. He is expected to immediate concern to 10, and the 10th position. For James, today is a milestone in the night. This is he played the 955 regular season games, tying the hall of Fame star Adrian dantley and Dan Majerle rose to the history of 161. The third section 5 minutes 03 seconds, James and sent the ball assists Kevin – Le Fu hit three points. This is he the game 3 assists, his regular season total assists to 6577, tying Derek Harper rose to 20th in the history. 1 minutes and a half minutes later, James assists J.R. Smith three points hit, he assists a number of formal beyond Harper. (from a dozen to five) scan download Tencent sports APP enjoy NBA video live