3Overcorrect! The British Athletics World Record – recalculated suggest cleared sports Sohu|Overcorrect! The British Athletics World Record – recalculated suggest cleared sports Sohu

Overcorrect! Continuous fermentation for UK athletics suggested cleared world record recalculated – Sohu sports British track and field athlete Ennis since the end of last year after it was revealed multi track and field athletes suspected doping events, let athletics IAAF and shrouded in worrying the shadow, the priority is to get people’s trust. On Monday, British athletics IAAF submitted a "clean track and field declaration", a row of 14 measures, each can be said is watch pain killer, but there is also a let a person feel overkill, or even absurd — "to the IAAF certification for all international athletics world record cleared and re start the calculation, to create a new era of a ‘clean track and field’." British athletics Warner chairman to the IAAF submitted rectification programme, before a few are in more severe punishment for doping involved, to play a protective role, but heavy set the world record will undoubtedly controversial. Warner says: "a more transparent system, tougher sanctions, longer banned, even is reset world record, and create a new era, we must do everything possible to restore the original appearance of the sport." The existing world record with does not contain banned substances? This historical problem some have become the eternal mystery. The most famous is the United States Joyner so far no one can break the women’s 100 meters world record. In 1998, only 38 year old Florence Griffith Joyner in his sleep in sudden death, although the autopsy showed that she died of a brain tumor caused epilepsy, still can not dispel the question a lot of people on the dusty world record. But the other world record’s creators, in any case, can not nod. British long-distance running champion Radcliffe first audibles opposition, she said to resolutely defend my 13 year old women’s marathon world record — 2 hours 15 minutes 25 seconds. But she added that, if there is evidence that the former world record holder doping, then "their achievements should been completely erased". ‘s welcome to Radcliffe’s speech, "the idea of the purpose is not to create a panic, because, after all, it will affect our own." Newspaper reporter Lou Dong