48 year old boy in a small table Kediao incisor small table safety regulatory gaps – Beijing|8 year old boy in a small table Kediao incisor small table safety regulatory gaps – Beijing

8 year old boy small table Kediao incisors small table safety supervision blank in new network events cause & gt; & gt; small table boy knock off the incisors, grow to 18 year old Qilu Evening News until the April 13 hearing (trainee reporter on February 25 at noon, eight year old boy, Hao Hao in the Huai Yin District Qizhi small table after lunch, go to school before and students to play for a while. Results in playing with Xiang Xiang (a pseudonym), Xiang Xiang pushed Hao Hao to, Hao Hao’s front teeth knock on a stool next to, one of the teeth were knocked out. The second day, the person in charge of Mr. Liu in the match under the small table, both parents with Hao Hao went to the provincial hospital. Identified by the doctor, Kediao incisors belong to just grow new teeth, root has been knocked out, cannot treat and need to wait until after the age of 18 for planting. In this process, children can wear braces, but they are in growing period, doctors do not recommend this. Hao’s mother, Ms. Zhang can not accept this reality, he is still small, do not think it is a matter, and so he two eleven years old to grow up to be a big boy, you say how to do? These ten years a mouth in front of missing teeth?" April 9th, Hao Hao’s mother, Ms. Zhang, told reporters on the side of this experience, while the control shed tears. Unclear responsibilities & gt; & gt; that their grievances, multi-party negotiations failed to court in accordance with the current price, planting a tooth need 1 – 2 million yuan, and prediction of medical expenses, hospitalization fee and ten years Hao Hao bear mental pressure, Hao Hao’s mother Ms. Zhang to the small table and Xiang Xiang’s parents claim six million yuan. "Do you have any evidence to prove that it was a child of my family? Can you believe the words of a child? I was not at the scene, not only listen to the teacher and children how to say, there is a camera monitoring?" Cheung Cheung’s mother, Ms. Liu, does not recognize the child and the teacher’s statement. "If you want to be held accountable, I hope to be able to come up with evidence, then the doctor also said that the timely treatment of words, the teeth will be able to pick up the. When the teacher lost children knock there, why not to give parents a call? Delayed the treatment is the teacher’s duty. "Small table responsible person of Mr. Liu also feel wronged themselves:" I admit that small table has regulatory responsibility, but who provided, I assumed all? " Because no agreement on the amount of compensation, Ms. Zhang will be on the table to court. Reporter Survey & gt; & gt; small table for verbal agreement, lack of a clear regulatory departments due to primary and secondary schools in Jinan is generally not open the student canteen, making a small table become a lot of home, busy working parents helpless choice. These small table generally closer from the school, providing shuttle service and lunch, and some for tutoring children. But so far, for a small table in the safety of students, and no clear regulatory authorities. It is understood that the current set up a small table in Ji’nan, only the food and Drug Administration for the record can be, food"