47National plateau mountain crossing challenge will be held in Guizhou, Hezhang – Sports – People’s ne|National plateau mountain crossing challenge will be held in Guizhou, Hezhang – Sports – People’s ne7

Hezhang will be held in Guizhou, China — a typical Karst karst mountain area. Xiao   photo people.com.cn September 8 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Wang Xiaguang) "Yelang hometown – Hezhang 2016 national mountain plateau through the challenge" will start in September 10th. Participants are expected to be 2100, of which the professional leader of the distance of 50 km from the staff of the group, the group of people with a short distance of the experience of the sports team of 450 people, the national fitness walk on the 6 km of the staff of 1500 people, a total of 20 people. The theme of the competition is "through the ancient Yelang, experience the original ecology, embrace the health", as one of the tenth session of the Bijie city tourism conference series of activities, aims to promote sports in Hezhang low latitude and high altitude area unique and rich tourism resources and culture to the nation and the world, show Hezhang mysterious Yelang Culture and national folk culture boost, positive energy, help Hezhang to speed up the development of poverty. Competition by the State Sports General Administration of mountaineering sports management center, the Chinese Mountaineering Association, the Guizhou Provincial Sports Bureau and the Bijie Municipal People’s government, Hezhang County People’s government, Guizhou Mountaineering Association contractors. According to reports, race from the county to the east of Yelang square, after Yelang Avenue, turning South Road, the Chengguan Town Village’s unloading ditch, the village of Castle Rock, four xiangchunshu reservoir, to Haizi reservoir, Ya Ma Chuan Ying Cun, double mouth Hua Mao Li Shu Cun Jiao Cun, 20 kilometers the match end point, continue along the black dyke, Wei She Xiang Ying Shui Cun, Bai Guo Zhen Ju Zi Yan Cun, moon cave village, stone village, the village, to Xingfa Township two slope Wanfenglin view spot, 50 km race end point. In addition, will also hold the entire 6 km race up in Jiucaiping cloud sea area. Hezhang county is located in the northwest of Guizhou Province, is a typical karst mountain area of Karst, with a total area of 3250 square kilometers, the jurisdiction of the 27 villages and towns of the 456 administrative villages, with a total population of 820 thousand and 500 people, the agricultural population of 768 thousand and 700 people. Hezhang is rich in resources, including coal, iron, lead, zinc and other 25 kinds of metal and non-metallic minerals. Hezhang is the "China walnut township" and "China cherry village", the province’s ecological grassland animal husbandry is one of the key counties of Chinese medicinal materials in Guizhou, one of the main producing areas, there are 2000 kinds of medicinal plants, the yield and quality of Pinellia all ranks first in the province. The sky sky Flowers, stone forest, ahsilisi prairie and Hirayama, pond Yelang national Forest Park attractions, coke period tombs of ancient Yelang was named the 2001 annual Top Ten archaeological discoveries of the 2010 Kele ruins was identified as the National Archaeological Park construction project, the "roof of Guizhou" Hezhang Jiucaiping was named "China ten summer mountains". The track contains city style, pastoral style, Linhai, cliff cliff cave, ponds and reservoirs, streams, valleys, ravines, peaks, Miao Yi village wall Road, plateau windmill, grassland landscape flowers, rich and unique, rare in china. At present, competition preparatory work leading group and the county was established under the office of the working group, all the preparatory work is an orderly way, the athletes participating in the track construction, and volunteer recruitment, staff training and other matters are carried out according to plan. The beautiful flowers of grassland. )