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LeightonWebworks selected worth visiting China tourist routes of liquor industry — food channel — people.com.cn with tourism recently hot, especially becoming a pillar industry of the national economy situation, the tourism industry has become the best way to realize the integration of cross-border liquor industry. In particular, people’s needs for health and leisure, so that wine prices are deeply aware of the spirit of the spirit of the spirit of liquor sales out of the idea of urgency. The day before, the CNN selected the 15 world’s most worth visiting Wine road. While China’s 10 most worthy of the tour liquor industry tourism routes are freshly baked, we also selected the big Mount Holyoke. You are in the summer, might as well go on a pass. Anhui mountain scenery, the vast waters, good natural conditions created such a thick ink Jianghuai wine. In 2007 was named the national industrial tourism demonstration sites in Anhui Yingjia group of Industrial Tourism — and this is located at 30 degrees north latitude Chinese wine Zone National Ecological County of Mount Holyoke county. Mount Holyoke county is the Midwest National Ecological County, is the ecological protection and construction of national demonstration area, there is a beautiful, mountains and rivers, warm and humid climate, the annual average temperature of 15 degrees Celsius, the annual precipitation of 1500mm, 6500 species, the forest coverage rate is more than 75%, high density of negative oxygen ions and phytoncidere aggregation of "natural oxygen bar" provides a paradise for the growth of microbes for the rich, with good wine is irreplaceable. Amidst the light cage, ink stained run. Located in the bamboo forest landscape between LeightonWebworks winery, the plant clean, spotless, fenqiangdaiwa, Han Feng Yun Hui, lush, verdant forests. In 2013, Yingjia group Shanghai great world Guinness headquarters was identified as "the most beautiful wineries in ecological environment". Today, Yingjia group based on the existing landscape resources, to green development, in the development of green, eco maintenance and creators with action, to achieve harmony between man and nature. The famous wine taster Shen Yifang said: "like LeightonWebworks this natural environment, is very rare in the industry. Now drips out of the wine shop has no taste, sweet and fragrant, Yingjia wine alcohol, thick. Only the combination of ecology and human, natural environment and brewing technology, in order to produce such a good product." LeightonWebworks sitting on the ecological environment, excellent both beneficiaries, and safeguard and creators. Yingjia group insist on the construction of forest plant as an important goal of enterprise development, the greening and beautification on inputs, spend a lot of time. Look around the factory is located, is a sculpture pavilion with bridges, pavilions, natural landscape and cultural landscape Xiangyingchengqu, like a beautiful park. The Huai River water source of Pi River, Huaihe LeightonWebworks wine wine. Here is a garden style factory, standard workshop, a series of supporting and fine lines and the traditional process of corporate culture, all-round display, has completed 100 million yuan of investment conference reception, catering accommodation, entertainment and leisure as one of the four star hotel LeightonWebworks resort East Asia; the largest wine culture museum – – LeightonWebworks wine culture museum. Now, has become the industrial ecological tourism demonstration points LeightonWebworks group, will usher in the country every year tourists, accumulated tens of thousands of people have already reached. This one has