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Last year a slam China breakthroughs teenager   this year the US Open to see what? – Sports – people.com.cn after the Rio Olympics and the North American hardcourt dismantled it reduced to fragments season, the last Grand Slam of the season, the US Tennis Open party. In the absence of both Federer and Sharapova’s case, this year’s us what we can see? 1 Chinese Legion can go far? Since Li Na retired, after the birth of the son of Zheng Jie, the Chinese Legion in the grand slam on the strength of the discount. The US open this year, a total of 15 Chinese, players race and qualifying singles contest. The world No. forty-ninth Zhang Shuai, sixtieth Zheng Saisai and sixty-first Wang Qiang directly won the singles qualifying round, Peng Shuai rely on injury protection can also obtain a match ticket. In qualifying, Duan Yingying is ranked 103rd in the world women’s singles qualifying No. 2 seed, and with in her and Zhang Kailin (108th), Han Xinyun (126th), Zhu Lin (151st), Liu Fangzhou (152nd), Wang Yafan (163rd), Xu Shilin (218th), Lu Jingjing (223rd a) and Zhang Yuxuan (228Th); the men’s singles, in qualifying players were previously repeatedly playing in the US Open qualifying for the first time came to the team, Wu Di and Bai yan. Although Chinese Teams looks great in strength and impetus, but after the first round of Bai Yan, Zhu Lin has been sacked, several young players coming and gone through two rounds of tough game have a chance to qualify for the race. 2 Murray or Djokovic? Federer has said goodbye to this season because of injury, so the next game will become the "big three" Djokovic, Murray, Nadal and the "Raiders", Del Stanislas et al portroe world?. It is worth mentioning that, in the ATP championship standings, Murray has had the opportunity to firmly control the top position of the Djokovic before challenge. So, this year’s US Open trophy will belong to the Scottish people or Serbia? This year’s French, Djokovic realized his grand slam dream. However, continuous at Wimbledon and the Olympic Games in Rio out early, Djokovic has clung to the belief in the us to return to the top, he will not easily let Murray take title at the top position from their own hands. As Federer said before the game, "Murray this summer was unbelievable, but Djokovic is still a great player hard. I think this year’s us will be very exciting, perhaps they will have a great contest." 3 Serena can continue to win? The 35 year old Serena? Williams returned to Billy Jean King National Tennis Center is familiar to her, she will be here to get beyond the individual Graf 23 Grand Slam Championship feat attack. This year, the French Open, she lost to Spanish teenager Mu Guru Za in the final. Although the ceremony was quite generous, but losing for the "Queen" is still difficult to accept, she felt very angry in the dressing room, was angry to smashed a racket. Outraged Americans after Wimbledon performance, she beat Gobel cup in the final, equalling)