47Exposure to the death list! The 8 United 5 Van Gaal cleaning.|Exposure to the death list! The 8 United 5 Van Gaal cleaning.0

Exposure to the death list! Cleaning: 5 8 United will be Van Gaal’s Mourinho will proceed to the United big shake sina sports league 10 games 4 wins 3 flat 3 negative, product 15 points ranked eighth, Europa League group situation and now the season is in jeopardy, 3 month war strike, this is coach Mourinho in Manchester to surrender answer: state downturn, poor record, the team is now more jittery, such as Mourinho’s coach, would be unable to pull the building in the dump. From the "Daily Telegraph" News revealed that Manchester United squad is brewing in a change, Mourinho has opened up a "death list" will be the 8 member of the general cleaning team. And "the sun" is more outspoken pointed out that Mourinho had secretly said he underestimated the job (job difficulty, Manchester) before the next season, Mourinho will wash away the redundant players 8 team "". "Daily Telegraph" and lists Mourinho’s "death list" details: Defender: Rojo, Damian, Phil, Jones, Schneider, Lin: Schweinsteiger midfielder Carrick winger: Ashley young, pres the newspaper, Mourinho will be in January next year when the window reopens to start cleaning with some players in the winter and winter transfer. Don’t sell, is all left to the next summer before cleaning. It is worth mentioning that this list of 8 people, 5 people is the former Van Gaal hand to buy the old trafford. (Alduin)