46Lippi became the national football coach! Try to do the impossible, the initial list of Hengda team!|Lippi became the national football coach! Try to do the impossible, the initial list of Hengda team!0

Lippi became the national football coach! Try to do the impossible, the initial list of Hengda team! Sohu sports 28 PM Beijing time, China Football Association in the three period of China World Trade Center held a national football coach Lippi’s press conference, Cai Zhenhua, Zhang Jian and other senior football association to attend the "silver fox" with team members appeared and made his speech. Although not announced a new phase of the national football list in the field, but Lippi said to rival the 12 race for the team, trying to complete the mission impossible. Conference Football Association vice president Zhang Jian first introduced the new baked process, Lippi from the 17 candidates in the Technical Committee for Lippi as the talent shows itself, national football coach to reach a high degree of consistency. Then Lippi delivered his speech, he said: "Chinese as one of the most important countries in the world now, I believe I can help China football progress, I believe China football future will have more long-term development, China players have the ability and the strength of the ball. They need to increase their sense of responsibility, increase their sense of mission and responsibility. At present, the national team in the World Cup qualifiers difficult, we may think that the opportunity is not. Unite as one, we will do everything possible and all the power to try to complete this impossible task. We will consider the long-term development of Chinese football." As for the signing time with Lippi, Cai Zhenhua said the end of the Asian Cup in 2019, and then according to the results and the two sides will start negotiations. The so-called huge salary, Cai Zhenhua did not disclose the specific number, but he admitted that the Chinese Football Association offers a sincere reward. The conference site, Cai Zhenhua presented the national team jersey Lippi, Lippi also attended the presentation of the new national football team members, Li Tie, Kang ice, Gaudino maddaloni etc.. For the outside world concern list and naturalized players two puzzles, giving direct analysis of Lippi: "the list have been identified, but also to the final round of the League after the end, to see if there are injuries. The first game we more should consider the safety and insurance, based on the above consideration, I will be in this training. Recruit more players to Guangzhou Hengda, Hengda team formed the national team." The news that a new phase of training list will be more than 10 Hengda international. Referring to the rumors of the naturalized players, Lippi denied: "this is nothing."