46Gong Jinjie grew up with the Olympic gold medal dream to promote the future development of bicycles|Gong Jinjie grew up with the Olympic gold medal dream to promote the future development of bicycles4

Gong Jinjie: childhood dreams of gold future development to push the bike Palace Jin Jie said his childhood had dreams of gold before the Rio Olympics, Chinese delegation made the gold medal "zero breakthrough in the bicycle project". As one hero, house of the name Jin Jie overnight Hongbian as many cycling enthusiasts on both sides of the Changjiang River, number one goddess. Yesterday, the palace Jin Jie attended a campaign to promote healthy riding, but also teamed up with actor Peng Xinzhi, and thousands of Guangzhou riding friends together to complete the healthy riding activities. "I am very happy that there are so many people in Guangzhou who enjoy cycling and have witnessed it today." Yesterday, about 1000 of Guangzhou’s top riders came to Haixinsha on a strong support, which allow to attend the activities of Gong Jinjie was overjoyed, also let Gong Jinjie quickly opened the chatterbox. Rio gold Palace Jin Jie behind the success is not Everything is going smoothly. 4 years ago, the London Olympics gold medal Cajianerguo experience, is a fatal blow to many people. Gong Jinjie said yesterday that he was out of the woods because there is a dream. "I have a dream of an Olympic gold medal, is to stand on the highest podium of the Olympic Games, he has been running ahead of this goal. All the experiences, all the difficulties, and therefore become a kind of help yourself grow and mature power. And I have been pursuing the goal of my heart, and finally to today." Yesterday Gong Jinjie shared that although the Olympic gold medal time over a period of time, but the excitement is not completely healed, "the gold medal will be a new impetus for me, support me to take the next step, continue to drive." What is the next step for Jin Jie? Gong Jinjie hopes to use practical action for the development of cycling, for the promotion of environmental protection to promote a force. "A lot of people are saying that China is a big country in cycling, but the people who really know the bicycle race in China may be less. I hope that by virtue of their own strength, to promote the sport of cycling, hoping to appeal to more people into it. Even if they don’t end up as a professional cyclist, they want them to stick to the environmental action of low carbon travel." Gong Jinjie said in an interview yesterday, "we have been aware of the importance of environmental protection, but not many people can do. Today, I am here to participate in this event, is hoping to call on everyone to ride a bike trip such a low-carbon commuting, with practical action to support environmental protection. I hope you will be able to ride healthy, safe ride." (source: information times   reporter Feng Aijun)