46Focus on the reorganization of LDK how 12 banks lost in Jiangxi 25 billion|Focus on the reorganization of LDK how 12 banks lost in Jiangxi 25 billion2

Focus on the reorganization of LDK: 12 banks how to lose the loss of the Jiangxi Sina fund exposure platform in 25 billion: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Related reports: Jiangxi LDK reorganization plan by the court cut 12 strong creditor banks into big Jiangxi LDK bankruptcy reorganization bill banks over 20 billion bad credit or real loss sources: a city view rocks directly attached to the latest court documents: Jiangxi Province, Xinyu City Intermediate People’s court civil ruling. Civil ruling civil ruling civil ruling written in this document shows that the Jiangxi District Court approved the implementation of the Jiangxi LDK reorganization plan. This means: four lines, 12 banks, China Merchants Bank, Minsheng Bank, CDB, CITIC, Everbright, the past to LDK’s 27 billion 100 million credit, will only recover 6.62%, lost 25 billion. The origin of the whole event, last month the "see how banks Fukui rocks on the city opening in LDK kuidiao 20 billion" before the 12 banks were holding a LDK group company’s bankruptcy reorganization claims a total of 27 billion 100 million. According to the amount of view, CDB occupy the bulk to 7 billion 256 million claims, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, China Merchants Bank and Minsheng Bank Holding debt was more than 3 billion, respectively 4 billion 729 million, 3 billion 498 million, 3 billion 624 million and 3 billion 216 million. Bank holds a debt of up to 1 billion 871 million. In Jiangxi, LDK initially dished out the restructuring plan, according to the creditor bank internal analysis of the overall liquidity provided by the table: the rate of return of 14.75%. Now, according to the strong cut in Jiangxi province Xinyu City Intermediate People’s court, more than half the rate of settlement, is: 6.62%. According to the calculation of the rate of return, bank claims losses will reach about 25 billion. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the enterprise bankruptcy law, the reorganization plan approved by the court, the debtor and all creditors binding. How about this thing, 12 banks in a bank’s headquarters gives such a comment: "at that time, the local government proposed to save LDK is to save the bank", a way to give LDK the results of blood transfusion has become a big bank. Now, in the 12 debt bank outcry, Jiangxi intermediate people’s Court of Xinyu by strong cutting through the reorganization plan of three companies owned by LDK, 6.62% of the settlement rate almost to bank loans 27 billion 100 million yuan capital. Such a precedent, is likely to open the enterprise through the "legal" means malicious taofeizhai Pandora’s box.   raises all strong dispute before the LDK plan of reorganization, the settlement rate is far lower than the Wuxi Suntech 31.55% and *ST super 20%, is being questioned for the restructuring of Ming bankruptcy liquidation, so two votes have suffered debt only banks strongly opposed. But in the end, strong cutting strokes make banks almost powerless: the court is the last procedure of bankruptcy reorganization, if creditors only on the determination of the content of discontent, not to mention that.   theory