45Hong Kong invested 70 times over the north is also useless from Asia’s top gap (video)|Hong Kong invested 70 times over the north is also useless from Asia’s top gap (video)3

The Hong Kong invested over 70 times from the north also useless gap between [goal] Asia’s top North on the right side of the area looking for opportunities with serial port on the wrong foot volley Leonardo missed the semi-finals of the Tencent in September 13th when the final whistle in the State Sports the stadium blew over, even Jeonbuk fans do not believe that their team even in the home court 5 0 rout of Shanghai port, stepping on the opponent’s body into the dilapidated AFC Champions League four. In Hong Kong, this is a bitter defeat not only will they nail in the shame of the super team in the history of the AFC Champions League, more let their season disappear or lofty ideals and high aspirations; the more plainly, let the flying money boondoggle. In fact, when AFC Champions League 14 final results just released, many people are on the Hong Kong beat the north with confidence, because the team not missing players, El Eriksson, Hulk, Conca – – – – – – single out any one person, that would make a good while the North tremble with fear. However, when the 0 final score than 5 engraved on the scoreboard, I’m afraid not only Hong Kong fans, including those who desire to see all the so-called "super nouveau riche", especially the elimination of AFC Champions League won the Korean fans. Expected full swing after Hulk defense scene did not appear, but the 37 year old Li Tongguo was suspended on Hong Kong’s defense in the last moment, irony and contrast that is too large for some. Strange to say, among the super club because the fanatical capital storm, labeled the "nouveau riche" label, in addition to Guangzhou Hengda, hard to have the team can achieve the breakthrough in the AFC Champions League League, including the Hong Kong Shanghai today. To some extent, the Hong Kong today than in the past, burn extent of Hengda also ruthless, but the result is only in the Korean foot had a humiliating defeat. This season, the Hong Kong 18 million euros to 55 million euros, the introduction of El Eriksson scored Hulk, up to 73 million euros, even the five major league teams to comity three points; in the north of modern, the transfer period only in the Lopez player who spent 1 million euros transfer fee, insufficient investment on port 170, but the end result is that the whole of North AFC Champions League qualify for the semi-finals. This seems to be a perfect example of money can’t buy everything ", also can imagine, South Korean media will be the topic of speculation after the game. But the fact is really can not refute. The port in the super rich, but has no hope of winning, AFC Champions League can only hit 8. If the opponent with 170 of the money, but in exchange for better results than the Hong Kong, it can only say that the money on the port this season did not spend the real blade. Look at the north of modern, except for a few foreign players, like Jin Xinyu, Li Zaicheng and Li Tongguo et al., "a soldier", Edu almost even have no chance. On the port? When Conca and El Eriksson was not present, into another team, Hulk Wu Lei themselves they waste the opportunity, so if the team entered the AFC Champions League semi-finals, may be the world’s largest satire on football. The port may not always be like today to spend money like water, can not always rely on a few big players to conquer the world. Tonight)