45 year old physician, deputy director of the sudden death of his family before the day of surgery-lformat

The 45 year old deputy chief physician in sudden death before the death of the day surgery in an online news in the early morning of September 21st, the First Affiliated Hospital of Bengbu Medical College, deputy director of physicians tumor surgery Yang Ming was found dead in the home, only 45 years old. Public information, Yang Ming engaged in clinical work for more than 20 years, is the director of the Anhui cancer society, especially in the head and neck, breast, digestive tract tumor diagnosis and surgical treatment. Day morning, Yang Ming first discovered the accident is Yang Ming’s wife, Yang Ming was already black and blue. The house is near the unit, Yang Ming was immediately sent to hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of the mussel tumor surgery and even the hospital are dispatched, but ultimately no rescue success. September 21st 10, Yang Ming was declared clinical death. According to Yang Ming colleagues, Yang Ming 20 do a day of surgery, suspected of infection myocarditis, did not get timely treatment, resulting in sudden death. It is understood that Yang Ming usually healthy, love cycling, riding last week from Bengbu to Nanjing. News links: March 2nd, Xi’an Jiao Tong University School of medicine Runzhi Yan psychiatric doctor, patients continued after 1 hours, he no longer, only 28 years old. March 8th, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, Zhejiang University, Department of Anesthesiology, female doctor Rong Ying, after the night of sudden death, only 28 years old. May 15th, a hospital in Fujian, a surgeon Deng Rongwen, after the sudden physical discomfort, sudden cardiac arrest, was rushed to hospital, annuity 26 years old…… This is the sudden death of doctors this year. In recent years, doctors overwork, sudden death events. Work pressure, coupled with irregular diet, daily life disorder, allowing doctors to become a high incidence of sudden death. Sudden death is generally not unprovoked attack, only when the spirit of tension, life is not the law, overworked become the norm, hidden danger can be detonated. It was concluded that: advertising staff, medical staff, media workers, police, athletes belong to the high incidence of sudden death. In addition to the more intense exercise, 6 months of fatigue may enter into or cause a "hidden" period. So, a lot of sudden death is karoshi or death, the nature of the physical function of the limit is overdrawn. It is worth noting that, in recent years, the age of sudden death in our country has further younger trend. In fact, the incidence of sudden death syndrome is not much, especially with specific and valuable signs. It is for this reason that sudden death is likely to occur in young people. Most of the young people that their physical fitness is good, not too concerned about the health of a little uncomfortable feeling, usually not immediate medical attention, and once the malignant etiology, tend to be caught off guard. In fact, a lot of people in the sudden death will be a certain degree of pain before the reaction, the reaction is the most easily perceived by us, but also the most aware of the disease signal. When the chest is violent, tightening, crushing pain, and feel the ground, we must be vigilant. Although sudden death so fierce, but not completely unable to save. Experts said that after the sudden death of the golden 4 minutes for the best time to rescue, at this time, if the patient to implement effective cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the patient’s life is most likely to be recovered. Field heart lung.相关的主题文章: