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Sales of 1 million 500 thousand units, three keywords glory 8 contrarian growth of Sohu technology in glory brand was founded 999 days of glory Aurora party, President Zhao Ming released such a figure: by the end of September 9th, released only 50 days of glory 8 achieved sales of 1 million 500 thousand units. In the global smart mobile phone market saturation growth environment, the glory of 8 has become one of the few contrarian growth products. Not long ago, the market research firm IDC once again lowered the 2016 global smart phone shipments are expected this year, global smart phone sales will reach 1 billion 460 million, only an increase of 1.6% over last year. Similarly, data show that some of the domestic mobile phone brand churn rate as high as 80%, the annual cost billions of brand launch and channel subsidies cast to the wind. Glory at this time announced the results of the sale of the text is self-evident, and the glory of 8 and why the stock market can grow up? The answer may be interpreted as three key words, crossover, innovation and empowerment. Not only to cross-border marketing? With the increasing competition in the mobile phone market, in order to enhance the value of their own brand and bargaining power, cross-border has become a lot of mobile phone brands in the dissemination of marketing in favor of the way. From the variety to sponsorship endorsements to public welfare activities, the form of cross-border areas and this is not the only one. Glory is just a good brand of cross-border mobile phones, and even can be used without cross-border marketing to describe. Invite Wu Yifan as a brand spokesman for the glory of 8 in domestic release, product selection landing the United States Beckham’s son Broolyn as a global ambassador, in 2013 to enter the French market, at the invitation of the French Louane Emera as the voice of Reds glory 8 in France speak. Only from the marketing perspective, the glory of 8 this marketing strategy does not seem too much remarkable place, after all, celebrity endorsements in the domestic mobile phone market has It is often seen. If you can from the glory of the brand positioning for young users, the border is not confined to the marketing. On the one hand, the glory seems to be determined by the user in the selection of spokesmen, 90 and 95 who do not belong to the love is a generation of education and choose the strong sense of self and the concept of consumption, determines the traditional cramming function influence and brand communication is no longer effective, but more inclined to meet their own values and the trend of the brand. On the other hand, the glory has been passed, brave to do their own brand spirit, in the glory of 8 spokesperson, whether it is Wu Yifan, Broolyn or Louane Emera, in the idol label behind the personality, dreams, movement, internationalization and brand characteristics of symbols, agree without prior without previous consultation of glory. It is clear that the glory of the 8 cross-border marketing is not only delivered by the brand image, product philosophy and brand spirit has been rooted in the hearts of fans, the glory of the sales of 8 has an integral role in stimulating. Innovation, not just technology. Homogenization of the mobile phone market from the beginning of 2013 has been criticized by the outside world, but until today the homogenization of the problem still exists, and began to spread from the thousand dollar machine market to high-end market. S