44ESPN analysis of key local iron gate to dominate the Hengda six consecutive key (video)|ESPN analysis of key local iron gate to dominate the Hengda six consecutive key (video)2

ESPN analysis of key local iron gate to dominate the Hengda six consecutive super hero Feng Xiaoting key defender was elected the best harvest for the first time Hengda iron gate in November 20th (Wen Feng Xiaoting sports Tencent CHRIS ATKINS, author of ESPN), Guangzhou Hengda football Chinese aspect won 6 Super League trophy secret in the end is what? After seeing the Chinese summit once again the South team in the league, many super league teams have such doubts. A team can triumph in the National League for many years, the reason is in many aspects, because only all the advantages of both inside and outside the play to the extreme, Guangzhou Hengda can make such a great achievement. But it is certain that in some key position on the field, Guangzhou Hengda has the highest level Chinese players, this is definitely one of the most important factors affecting the team won six consecutive Super League, in this respect, the team with its competitors simply incomparable advantages. In defence, Guangzhou Hengda Feng Xiaoting has such a high level player, he is probably the only football Chinese a rise above the common herd in the centre. At the beginning of 2011, Feng Xiaoting joined the newly promoted super Guangzhou Hengda, he witnessed the whole process of the rule Chinese football team. In the past 6 years, Guangzhou Hengda won 6 Super League champions, 2 AFC Champions League titles and 1 FA Cup champion, 2 Super Bowl champion. Of course, Feng Xiaoting’s personal honor, are not in Guangzhou Hengda, in fact as early as in 2005, he joined a Dalian Shide, won the Super League, the FA Cup double. It is no exaggeration to say that in the history of China, Feng Xiaoting is one of the most honored players. In the past two and a half years, Feng Xiaoting in Guangzhou Hengda performance is almost perfect, but his progress, cannot do without the help of the South Korean foreign aid jinyingquan. In 2012, Kim left the palace squirrel had just been relegated from the Japanese J League, and joined Guangzhou Evergrande, from there, Feng Xiaoting went from before the very talented players but mistakes again and again, this growth is now a trustworthy defender. The ball is very delicate, with the help of the South Korean defender, Feng Xiaoting has made considerable progress in this regard. That year, Lippi’s Guangzhou Evergrande can always start from the back line at forward, which cannot do without Kim and Feng Xiaoting contributions. After obtaining a solid back line in 2013, Guangzhou Hengda has signed goalkeeper Ceng Cheng, he is a good at helping the team controlled the ball high level goalkeeper, so far, Lippi for the team to create a trustworthy defence. In the Lippi white, Feng Xiaoting and his teammates won in a few months time the AFC Champions League champion, from there, the team has established a strong confidence of other competitors unmatched. In the past two years, there are more and more high-level foreign players into the super stadium, but even so, Feng Xiaoting is still in the 2015, 2016 consecutive year in the ranks of the best team in the year two. LAN Chai – Moss is a football website editor, he was in an interview with ESPN reporter