4430+8 plus 3 small Conley fatal risk reversal Memphis to stop the Clippers 7 straight – Sports Sohu|30+8 plus 3 small Conley fatal risk reversal Memphis to stop the Clippers 7 straight – Sports Sohu9

30+8 plus 3 small Conley fatal risk reversal Memphis to stop the Clippers 7 straight – Sports Sohu > > data point shooting record hot friends Beijing time on November 17th, the NBA regular season continues, the new season, the Clippers in hot state home court ushered in the old rival Memphis, after four games, the final 111-107 victory over the Memphis clippers. Give the Clippers lost second game season, Reddick scored three goals in 12 7 scored 29 points, Griffin had 25 points and 8 rebounds, Paul scored 9 points and 6 assists and 5 steals, Crawford scored 15 points, Jordan 8 points and 14 rebounds. Memphis, Conley averaged 30 points 5 rebounds and 8 assists, Gasol 26 points and 6 rebounds and 6 assists, Randolph scored 18 points off the bench with 12 points and 7 rebounds, Carter. Single section score (before the Clippers): 28-26,18-35, 30-22, 31-28 after the opening, the hit rate is not high, Griffin and little Jordan inside combination with a fine cast clippers score, grizzlies keep ahead in the small Gasol in a row inside storm led. Reddick four punish fourth, Paul hit three points to help the Clippers after the score, Griffin offensive unabated even voted to buckle 6 points. The end of the first section, the Clippers 28-26 leading the grizzlies. Once a day, even in the two Carter Conley layup, CIC also hit two record three points after the clippers, Jiugong, Memphis during a 16-2 run after leading to 12 points. Despite the continuous bass dunk to help the Clippers to chase points, but Memphis Fire still, Conley series and black and white planes to help keep the advantage of memphis. With the little Gasol hit three points and two free throws, Memphis 61-46 lead the Clippers to the end of the first half contest. The third section of the game, Bamot Harrison shot was pulled down, the two sides of conflict, the situation calmed down after three minutes, Reddick finally open, continuous shooting, Griffin also sent large cap, but Gasol scored two quasi three distracted, Ennis also shot goes well, leading to 14 points to memphis. After the Clippers to strengthen the defense, Griffin and Crawford scored, the end of the three quarter, the Clippers will score up to 76-83. At the beginning of the game, the Clippers scored 6 points after Svets beat 2+1, the Clippers tied the score. After the first three hits and Conley steals back, to lead the grizzlies. Soon, Crawford and Reddick four consecutive three hits, the Clippers ahead again. Conley hit the three Randolph hook shot, little Jordan off Bulan Paul hit the jumper, Gasol hit a key three points, 2 points ahead of the Grizzlies in the game with 14 seconds left. With Reddick three points turnovers, grizzlies eventually 111-107 thrilling win. Memphis: first, Parsons Conley, Ernest, Jia Macau – Green, little Gasol, Reddick, the Clippers first: Paul Bamot, Griffin, Jordan (A Ke)