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[] emotional psychological clinic is not a disease   negative emotions – how to break people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn editor’s note: in the rapid development of economy and society, more and more people are aware of the importance of mental health, I hope everyone has a good physique and are eager to have a healthy spirit. However, due to many factors, mental illness has become one of the hazards to human health. To this end, the people’s network health channel launched the "psychological clinic" column, regularly talk to you about the hot topic of psychology, take you into the health of the spiritual garden. This issue, we focus on how to break the negative emotions. Emotion is not a disease of negative emotions how arrancar work life pressure on high strength, anxiety, depression, anger and other emotions also came to the door. Are these emotions occasionally normal? To what extent is mental illness, need to see a doctor? Today, I’ll talk to you about how the heart disease in the end. [is] depression caused by too much pressure? Vice chairman of the China Association of mental health, Beijing Anding Hospital, vice president Wang Gang pointed out that the occurrence of depression, accounting for nearly 50% of the genetic, is the internal cause of the rest of the external factors, including stress, etc.. The internal and external causes of depression. Many people do not know how to judge their ability to withstand pressure. Wang Gang said, to determine whether the pressure is too large, is not unbearable, in fact, very simple: you do not feel happy, you feel the pain, this pressure is that you can not afford." [with] the depression patients have more tolerance and understanding of the world there are 350 million people suffering from depression, patients with depression in China about 40 million people, a research report, police, civil servants, teachers, doctors, business managers are the high-risk population of depression, a common feature of these people is to: many, much, always want the real life closer to the ideal state. Once you want to reach, but also can not withstand the psychological pressure, it is bound to have a variety of physical and mental problems, but also lead to disharmony between interpersonal relationships and family life. The researchers found that the majority of patients with depression after taking drugs, the efficiency of their work has been improved, researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical center. However, for those who worked more efficiently, their symptoms of depression were significantly improved and more likely to be fully recovered. [negative] "negative emotions" toxicity of the seven major symptoms to determine whether the "cold heart" whether ordinary people or celebrities, in a certain period of life are likely to have depression. Depression is not terrible, through some of the correct method of adjustment, will change our depression. However, if the development of depression, it has become a biological basis of disease. So, how to distinguish between depression or depression? [with  ]; (commissioning editor: Xu Xinyi, right Juan)