42The Yuhang river is difficult to stop illegal fishing is banned repeatedly the law enforcement depar|The Yuhang river is difficult to stop illegal fishing is banned repeatedly the law enforcement depar1

The Yuhang river is difficult to stop illegal fishing is banned repeatedly – law enforcement departments buck passing Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Yuhang on November 1st news (Zhejiang station reporter Ye Shuyu) according to the China voice of "news" reported that Zhejiang’s Yuhang River 19.8 kilometers in length, is a major tributary of the Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale, an important city river is Hangzhou. Recently, there are people living in the vicinity of the river reflects the phenomenon of illegal fishing in this river repeatedly banned. It is illegal fishing but why so stately without fear? Reporter survey found that the pond into the river outside the law is the two local conflict law enforcement documents. Uncle Wang is the new district government approach seventy years of age living in Yuhang Tong River, every morning at six and three or four p.m., he would love to go to Yuhang with the radio, the Tong River Trail walk. You can see people rowing, with the net every day, or carrying a battery, Uncle Wang said, he saw a man like that bad, fishing people again. "In this river, fishing is really a lot of people. For many years, throughout the year. They carry batteries on their backs, usually between 2 and 3. Some of them use block, face to face, with a net, pull to the opposite, two people put it in the middle block up. There are some kind of shrimp cage!" Uncle Wang told reporters. China’s "Fisheries Law" stipulates: "the use of fish, fish, fish such as the destruction of fisheries resources for fishing, or uses prohibited fishing gear, fishing method and smaller than the smallest size of mesh nets for fishing or catch juveniles exceeds the proportion, will be given a fine, if the circumstances are serious, be given criminal punishment". The reporter found Xihu District Fishery Station, Wang Haoxiang said the person in charge, privilege management of illegal fishing has been transferred to the urban management department. "Yuhang River, is certainly within the Beltway, within the Beltway are owned by the city, should not be here. River city within the Beltway, only the XiXi Wetland and Qiantang River in our jurisdiction." Wang Haoxiang told reporters that the fishery station belongs to the category of water under the jurisdiction of forest bureau. In 2010, the Xihu District Forestry Bureau through the authorization of the Commission, will be in addition to the Qian Tang River and the XiXi Wetland, within the ring road of Hangzhou city river law enforcement power delegated to the Xihu District Urban Management Bureau, including the Yuhang River Xihu District section. Wang Haoxiang said: "at that time because the river city within the Beltway all transferred to the urban management department. Commissioned by law enforcement that is in the process of law enforcement, Agricultural Bureau of chapter. Agricultural Bureau has a special chapter of administrative penalties, to the urban management." In order to prove that the subject of law enforcement of the river now is the Xihu District Urban Management Bureau, Xihu District Fishery Station took out in 2010 signed by Xihu District Forest Water Bureau and Xihu District City Administration Bureau of the "administrative law enforcement orders", and related special meeting minutes. It was noted that the Xihu District Forestry Bureau commissioned the Xihu District Urban Management Bureau River management exercise of administrative punishment and administrative supervision and administrative enforcement power, and stamped with the Xihu District Agricultural Bureau of the administrative punishment of dedicated seal came into force in December 31, 2010, commissioned by the. Subsequently, the reporter also found West Lake"