42Players join warriors take less 100 million love I would like to do the dirty work (video)|Players join warriors take less 100 million love I would like to do the dirty work (video)4

Players join warriors take less 100 million: I would like to do the dirty work of warriors distressed official review of season 1516: 73 lost finals history of Kingmax recruited KD Tencent sports news September 30th is the summer except Durant Pachulia warriors of the key players. In the interview, he bluntly to join the warriors Pachulia lost large sums of money, he also said he is willing to do all the dirty work, helping the team win. The team is willing to pay for the patchogue Faria warriors roster the strongest team in the NBA, to a four position starting position by all star guard. Even in the relatively weak position five, there are such good players Pachulia warriors. To the surprise of all warriors, this summer by only 1 years and $2 million 900 thousand signed Zaza Pachulia, which is lower than the market price. The warriors general manager Meyers admitted that he didn’t want to give Pachulia agent called, because they can give the contract is not competitive. But Meyers surprised that the agreed price Pachulia warriors. Warriors coach Cole said, signed with the signing of Durant Pachulia make him happy. According to media reports, the Wizards rejected 2 years Pachulia $20 million contract, that is to say, he joined the warriors to take less $17 million, RMB is 110 million. Honestly Pachulia said he would. "Money is very important to anyone. If I say that I do not feel bad, is lying, after all, I am not that kind of occupation career that players earned hundreds of millions of dollars." I lost Pachulia said, "a lot of money, the details will not say. Of course, I can be a free agent again next year, but first of all, I will focus all my attention on this season." The reason to make such a big sacrifice Pachulia, is hoping to win the championship in the warriors. "Our goal is to win, everyone on the team says that, and I’m no exception." Pachulia said, "we have a very good player, both on and off the pitch very hard, help each other, and strive to achieve the goal." Last season in Dallas, Pachulia averaged 8.6 points and a career high 9.4 rebounds, shooting rate reached 46.6%. The new season, in Durant, Pachulia curry, Thompson and Green played alongside, he is fully aware of their role in the team, said the contract without complaint zanghuoleihuo. "I’ll try to rebound, to help the team to pick, to grab the cricket, to defend, to prevent the opponent’s shot. As a matter of fact, I’ve always done that in my career." I will do Pachulia said, "all of these small things. There are things that can’t be explained by the data, but I believe it will help the team as well." (Sean) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.