422 battle net negative 47 points! Let the top Li Qiuping bratzel do miss Xinjiang|2 battle net negative 47 points! Let the top Li Qiuping bratzel do miss Xinjiang2

2 battle net negative 47 points! Let the top Li Qiuping bratzel do miss Xinjiang in Beijing on November 20th news, Andre bratzel. New foreign aid not to the team under the condition of single foreign aid operations in Xinjiang team lost again. But lost the Guangdong team and Shenzhen team, Li Qiuping’s team total net negative 47 points! In the case of victory before the 7 round, the Xinjiang team suffered 2 defeats. The Guangsha team and the Shanghai team win, so let the top 9 Xinjiang team, with 7 wins and 2 negative zhanba dropped to scoreboard NO.4. Nouveau riche streak, can see the importance of foreign aid in CBA. Even the Xinjiang team, with excellent local players, but is still the backbone of two foreign aid. Through the game can be seen, tonight, Xinjiang lost in the third quarter, and the Shenzhen team has a double foreign aid. In particular, ma – Lan Lan, the Xinjiang team inside the hard line center in Europe, there are not many ways. The whole game, Lampe grabbed 19 rebounds, 8 offensive rebounds; and the Xinjiang team a total of only 9 offensive rebounds. This week, the outbreak of war with the Xinjiang team bratzel slobber! In the period, went to Hongkong inspection China injured bratzel wrote, "my muscle tear, but in Chinese they don’t care about your occupation career." This passage bratzel alluding to Xinjiang team, Li Qiuping responded, "some people may not meet." On Saturday, blatche published new words, "there are three kinds of people can never help you forget –1, when you need someone in your life. 2. When you are in trouble. 3, the person who caused you trouble." The Xinjiang team has signed blatche. From the Development League Ben Bentil. Gentil is this year’s NBA draft round of the second round of the fifty-first round of the rookie, following the next week. The current uncertainty is, let Steele came in Xinjiang after the team can really replace blatche? According to Li Qiuping before the interview, let Steele just short of alternative bratzel. But bratzel blasted Xinjiang team, seemed to him to return to Urumqi set up obstacles. At least this week from the Xinjiang team’s performance, blatche out has a huge impact on the team. Blatche averaged over 25 points and 10.7 rebounds and 3.5 assists and 2.7 steals this season, but his attitude to the game has been criticized by Li Qiuping. The regular season to start the 9 round, Li Qiuping said the team without scruples standings. Only after a series of defeats, the morale of the Xinjiang team will be hit. On the other hand, Li Qiuping will miss blatche? For the Xinjiang team, the 2 consecutive defeats reflect the many drawbacks of the team. (Jimmy)