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Women’s volleyball team won the League of occupation homeopathy? Operators to promote new opportunities Chinese women’s Volleyball Championship in Olympic Games women’s volleyball team won the China Rio Rio Olympic champion, all is exciting, "news broadcast" is the history of a rare 7 minutes reported women volleyball team. On the evening of 23, women’s volleyball team has returned to the capital airport, nearly 1000 people greet the team shows the favorite people in volleyball. But after the cheers, calm down the domestic volleyball league is difficult, if you can borrow the China Association national team won the opportunity in the league? After all, the league is the collective project! After a lapse of 12 years, China women’s volleyball team again won the Olympic gold medal, the "iron hammer" Lang Ping and the younger generation of women’s volleyball team, let the heritage of thirty years of "women’s spirit", again on the fire. Enthusiasm, we left a lot of thinking: the same as the "three big ball, volleyball best, the ornamental value is not inferior to football, basketball, however, the commercialization process is far inferior to the China volleyball football and basketball league, and even appeared naked embarrassing. Super League copyright sold for 5 years, the astronomical price of 8 billion yuan, although the overall dismal Chinese football results, but the injection of huge capital on a certain level reflects the prosperity of the market. CBA League also learn from the success of the NBA model, to explore a perfect integration of business and sports development model. But the volleyball, impressive, but commercial sponsorship League but shaorenwenjin, also related to indirect League market operation and promotion is not very successful. Familiar with Chinese volleyball should remember, in fact the calandria center began to put forward occupation reform as early as 1996, but for the system, athletes and other factors, the market of the slow process of the league. Committed to promoting the overall development of volleyball, the center can be said to do everything possible. In 2013, Paiguanzhongxin Sangumaolu, invited Lang Ping to come back, and full cooperation in personnel, facilities and logistical aspects, strong support, which resulted in the 2015 World Cup, 2016 Olympic Games in Rio top story. In the introduction of foreign aid, Paiguanzhongxin attitude from "agree" to "encourage", which means that the market really open, world class players Tom – Logan, Bula C Savage, Hammerto, Costa, Wolongsika went to Moscow Grand China fishing gold, star to join, greatly activate the market, to lay the foundation for the national volleyball. Not only that, the tube center to absorb the essence of Italy, Turkey, Russia, such as the top league in the League packaging, publicity and international standards. Today, Paiguanzhongxin is to break the tradition, the There was no parallel in history. when it comes to play in the Premier League Zhu Ting sent to Turkey, the "release" is not only a system breakthrough, is of a good promotion of volleyball. As the first professional team to eat crabs, Hengda women’s volleyball after 5 years quietly disappeared". The same Hengda women’s volleyball team won the Asia champion, is also the Asian champion, Hengda soccer can pull to considerable sponsorship, and only rely on high investment Hengda Hengda Group’s support behind Hengda women’s volleyball team quietly disappeared, is China women’s volleyball union!