40Wta2016 chicken soup to drink from the end of Zhang Shuai inspirational 30+ veteran touching|Wta2016 chicken soup to drink from the end of Zhang Shuai inspirational 30+ veteran touching6

WTA2016: chicken soup to drink from the tail all 30+ veteran Zhang Shuai inspirational touching Serena and Gobel sina sports news Beijing standard time on November 15th message if the definition of "chicken soup" in 2016, is a high frequency words. For women’s tennis, is also true. In this season is full of surprises, too many moments moving and memorable, WTA players in the interpretation of the "Strong is beautiful", again with the actual action of the interpretation of the "Power to inspire". The first non Zhang Shuai tennis is moved in 2016. At the beginning of the year, has been in a grand slam consecutive losing streak to 14 games, never qualify for the race to the second round of Zhang Shuai, holding a heart to fight to win or die in Melbourne. Perhaps your attitude for her to give up the pent up pressure, perhaps the love of tennis in her decision to leave when suddenly have a new energy, at the age of 28, in preparation for the moment of farewell, Zhang Shuai broke out, to achieve a gorgeous. In Australia, she Lulianke enemies, eight victories to the outbreak of the Chinese player the fans again full of passion, let Zhang Shuai to keep moving forward, this may be retired before the curtain finally burst out of the infinite surprise. Even more gratifying is that this is not an accidental outbreak, Zhang Shuai’s 2016 full of surprise and harvest at the end of the season, China, net, Zhuhai classic record for her performance in twenty-fourth place in Asia "a sister", Zhang Shuai not only did not leave the stadium, which is towards higher target strides. Like Zhang Shuai, Gobel also broke out in australia. More than one year old Gobel Zhang Shuai among the Top10 years, but from the top group towards the "ball" throne, and not any Top10 can do, and the Germans are almost the top ten most low-key one. In Melbourne Park, when all the people are looking forward to when Serena Williams writes history, calm and low-key Gobel successfully played spoiler, she not only beat the tennis Grand Slam champion is crowned queen, with the winner’s identity. After becoming a Grand Slam champion, Gobel has also experienced a lot after the ball had the first crown, after the downturn, but she adjusted her heart and state, appeared to a more powerful stance in the field. The US Open, she was crowned again in 2016, and the successful implementation of integral of Serena Williams’s beyond, with two Grand Slam champion and the first year-end ranking, the end of the 2016 season of roller coaster. The low-key German has become a good actress in the past year WTA. A low-key Grand Slam title is not uncommon, because perhaps many people have forgotten that Kuznetsova has twice stood on the Grand Slam podium. Because of the impact of injuries, the Russians gradually fade out of the top group, back to the sight of people because she was 31 years old after a lapse of 7 years to return to the finals. When the Top7 dress in the lion city debut, Kuznetsova was still in Russia to strive for the finals qualification, finally she)