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The India 007 in Pakistan 7 years of lurking in India has become the 2 figure data figure: India’s national security adviser Dorval Ajit – original title: Secret India 007 in Pakistan 7 years of lurking in India has become number 2, Bloomberg News September 18th secret India current national security adviser Ajit Doval (Ajit Kumar Doval) this mysterious figure. Reported that he was a super spy lurking in Pakistan for 7 years, in the disputed region of Kashmir rebels to recruit informants; for mixed hidden in an armed gang of India’s holiest Sikh temple, he was posing as the driver of adult force. Now, many people think that Ajit Doval is the most powerful people in India, in addition to prime minister Narendra modi. Reported that Modi appointed Doval as national security adviser, this position is far more than the Minister of defense and foreign affairs. Doval served as national security advisor, and was responsible for negotiations with major competitors in Pakistan. In addition, strategic capability, he will also visit the manufacturer responsible for weapons weapons in the near to participate in the coordination of the parties to deal with the militants will strike action, every day and the foreign secretary, national top diplomat Su Jiesheng (Jaishankar) in close contact. Since taking office as a national security adviser, Mr Doval has taken a stand on the nationalist agenda, and has taken a hard line on hostile neighbours. In China funded a $45 billion bypass India through Pakistan Trade Corridor, and the two countries are hoping to improve relations with the resource rich Central Asian countries under the background of Doval’s foreign policy is beginning to have an economic impact. India’s former military intelligence chief commander, has known Doval for 20 years, SONY RK said that any strategic issues in the region are accompanied by a security issue, this situation is not necessarily exist in other parts of the world. With the improvement of the status of India, the importance of Ajit Doval is also increasing. Doval is not tall, dressed in neat, with a pair of glasses, rarely appear in public. His colleagues in the office said he would not accept any interviews. Unwilling to disclose the names of several informed sources told reporters that at this time Doval is examining the most delicate diplomatic issues in India. Shortly after taking office, India’s prime minister Modi appointed Doval as a special envoy to visit Afghanistan, and took him to visit bhutan. In addition, Ajit Doval is also a special representative, responsible for negotiations with China on the issue of border disputes. Reported that China plans to build a transportation hub in Kashmir, which is the dispute between India and Pakistan, this task becomes very difficult. Last December, Doval had arrived in Thailand in Bangkok, the secret talks with Pakistan’s national security adviser, trying to restart peace talks between the two countries. Study on the United States think tank, the American Enterprise Institute researcher Shardanand Du Mei said: "Ajit – Dorval considered India James bond – legendary experience. There are many stories, rumors and legends about him, which is unusual for a national security adviser." One of the most legendary.