40High EQ fox conquer the country foot international holiday relaxed to colleagues Diyan – Sports Sohu|High EQ fox conquer the country foot international holiday relaxed to colleagues Diyan – Sports Sohu6

High EQ fox conquer the country foot: international holiday relaxed to colleagues Diyan – Sohu sports HD: national football Lippi placed second days preparing for training equipment and Wuhan zall after warm-up, the Orangemen will have a day when most of the players went to Kunming city or a small shop or get together to play electric, for their holiday Italy coach Lippi has chosen to stay on the station hotel to drink coffee, smoking a favorite cigar smoke. In the field of training or competition, the main impression of Lippi left is rigorous, and even some stereotypes, but the team in daily life, the 68 year old was also very respectful show common, everyone around. Asked why the "silver fox" can become the gold medal coach, Chinese staff in contact with him frankly, in addition to the coaching skills and experience, Lippi will give people the impression of high EQ, the presence of inside and outside, he can let the players feel carefully or close, so it is not difficult to understand why Wu Lei said, "coach Lippi standing next, we have the confidence." From the 3 national football training camp in Kunming unveiled yesterday to nearly 10 days, came to interview Kunming Haigeng base media reporters can see Lippi hands-on training code positioning marks and other equipment in the scene almost the beginning of the day before training. And this is not a pro Lippi is coaching in 30 years of personal work habits, like his love of cigars, has not changed. In order to prevent the national football training disturbance, Lippi began to now have not accepted the media interview from the training, and the players are just a few days will accept the media group’s visit, Lippi is so unkind? Beijing Youth Daily reporter through nearly a week of observation found that the actual situation is not the case. For example, yesterday afternoon, when Lippi just approach there is the intention of the media and waved to honor, and training yesterday and a detail worth noting is that the team training was transferred to the turf area near the region from the media, Lippi did not explain, but reporters seem to understand, why is there such a change. Team sources, in the training process, Lippi and the players never laugh, if a player training action repeatedly can not be reached, he will direct "scolded", but a presence is like father like care for their children "". Yesterday afternoon, defender Zhang Chengdong returned to training in the fitness coach company separately, before he and Zhang Lin? Have missed a joint training team, and Lippi is a prerequisite for leave of absence, players expressed discomfort to him as coach Lippi trust their players, but also know how to go they care about. Lippi said understanding, we have to mention the current training team only a collective holiday. On the day after the end of the drow and warm up, China resident transfer from Haigeng base to Wanda Mandarin five star hotel Kunming is located in downtown area, Lippi arranged for the purpose is to let the player leave temporarily closed environment, to get some kind of spirit in the lively environment to relax. It is understood that in the country foot on a cycle process of preparing for the Orangemen, the original management team for the team put a half day off, but did not release the team to the city resident free activities, as for the specific blush