40First history! Lang Ping et al. Ambassador of Mars Exploration ()|First history! Lang Ping et al. Ambassador of Mars Exploration ()2

First history! Lang Ping Yao Ming served as ambassador of the Mars exploration project individual defense limit is what Lang Ping said at the roll on (editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original, for further reading) Lang Ping on 10 October, xinhuanet.com Beijing (Yu Ziru) reporter from the lunar exploration and Aerospace Engineering Center was informed that Lang Ping, Yao Ming, Tan Dun, "Chinese three tenors, Yuan Sha, Liu Cixin, TFBOYS and other 11 social and cultural arts celebrities will Chinese Mars exploration project name and graphic logo global collection activities promotion endorsement. This is the first time China’s major science and technology projects to enable image ambassador. The lunar exploration and aerospace engineering center relevant responsible person said, for the first time from the social culture and arts celebrities selected ambassador, in order to better promote China Mars exploration project global collection activities, promote the China Mars exploration project more deeply. 11 "Mars ambassadors" will publicize Chinese Mars exploration project, through the strong influence of active play ambassador, a profound understanding of the broad masses of the people to promote the implementation of major significance of Mars exploration project on Chinese, to encourage young people to pursuit of scientific knowledge, the engineering design more rich collection, age, nationality, name of the masses and the graphic logo, to better display the national image Chinese Mars exploration project. It is reported that the first China Mars mission in Hainan on 2020 by the Wenchang launch site, the long march rocket number five will Mars transfer orbit directly into the fire, this is the lunar exploration project after deep space exploration in China and a major science and technology projects. The name of China Mars exploration engineering and graphic logo global campaign was officially launched in August 23rd, the contestants through xinhuanet.com, Tencent.com, NASA, China lunar and deep space exploration, Mars exploration China WeChat platform to submit the name and logo graphic works. Extended reading: Lang Ping was elected man of the year China public spirited moved the appointment of Lang Ping Community Volunteer Service Ambassador Lang Ping in Ningbo in April this year, Beilun women’s volleyball training base – the community hired as ambassador. The morning of April 23rd, "Li Ren for the United States" Volunteer Service Corps was established in the area in the kernel, and the establishment of the first Ningbo city named after the residents of the community volunteer service fund, China women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping hired as ambassador to the residents of the neighborhood preaching spirit and advocating garbage. Lang Ping is running a cup of water in the 2016 Ningbo Mountain Marathon in the marathon, Lang also served as a volunteer for the runners to send water and cheer. Took the cup from the hands of Lang, a lot of running friends address him: lucky. Lang Ping was named person of the year award Chinese moved back to the top of the Chinese led the women’s volleyball team Lang Ping was awarded the honorary award number of otc. Get off in recent years, including 2012 honorary title, the International Olympic Committee was awarded the "women and sports" award; in February 14, 2016, Lang Ping was elected by China 2015 person of the year; in March 25, 2016, Lang Ping won the award of Chinese influence in the world".