4034 year old spicy mom because of doing this thing led to a stroke, died on the hospital for 4 days! |34 year old spicy mom because of doing this thing led to a stroke, died on the hospital for 4 days! 8

34 year old spicy mom because of doing this thing led to a stroke, died on the hospital for 4 days! Sohu health click above Zhengzhou people’s hospital can subscribe oh! Often sit at the desk, it is inevitable that some shoulder pain, many people choose to use massage to relieve symptoms. However, the way we used to be, accidentally led to a stroke, and even some people lost their lives. / / American magazine "dandy" is Katie · Mei died of strokes in February this year, only 34 years old, the sudden news that fans and friends could not believe. After more than 8 months of investigation, the recent forensic finally found the cause of her stroke, but it is inappropriate to lead to the occurrence of a tragic massage. Katie · before she died, she posted a photo of her neck, and then asked the chiropractor to help massage to relieve the pain in the neck. The survey shows that Katie · Mei has been injured after 2 times to receive massage therapist treatment. She also posted on the Internet: the neck was treated this morning, and massage is very painful. You have what folk prescription can relieve the pain?" She released the last photo on the message, I wish you a good day. Losangeles’s chief coroner’s assistant to Katie · Mei said after the inspection, Katie · Mei left vertebral artery by external injury. Therefore, the blood flow is cut off and blocking, cannot flow into the brain, leading to stroke later. Winter said in an interview, "Katie · Mei was coagulation, and later to the hospital for further treatment, but it’s too late." Katie · Mei went to hospital for treatment, just 4 days away from the world. Katie · Mei is a single mother, after she died, 7 year old daughter no one to take care of. Relatives and friends in the social media to raise money, the money will be raised as her daughter’s education and living fund. At present, it is unclear whether Katie · Mei’s relatives and friends will take legal action to the masseuse. Treatment of cervical spondylosis three major cervical spondylosis due to the complex pathogenesis, symptoms, generally divided into soft tissue type, nerve root type, vertebral artery type, sympathetic type, spinal cord type of five. Different types of treatment methods are also different, there are still three major errors in the treatment of cervical spondylosis. 1, improper repeated traction. Cervical traction is one of the most effective methods for the treatment of cervical spondylosis. However, improper traction can lead to the relaxation of cervical ligaments, accelerate degenerative lesions, and reduce the stability of cervical spine. 2, repeated blind massage, reset. Complex pathogenesis of cervical disease, reduction in the massage must be excluded before the treatment of intervertebral disc herniation, spinal stenosis, severe cervical instability, cervical spondylotic myelopathy, the absolute prohibition of gravity massage and reduction, otherwise easily aggravate the symptoms, and even can lead to paraplegia. 3, in the treatment of cervical physiological curvature. Blind traction, so that the neck muscles ligaments, such as long-term in a non physiological state, will