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00000. Chelsea spirit sword half becomes blunt knife goblins to step on his upper Kennedy active, Pedro is disappointing of sina sports dispatch Chelsea at home against West Bromwich Albion match Blues intended to continue on a League of the strong forces take straight, but 2-2 draw bureau can only let the team ranking piaffe. When it comes to the most disappointing performance of the Chelsea players, none other than Pedro. Chelsea conceded their first goal of today’s game Pedro starter, but his most impressive is a mistake led directly to the team was equalized. When he in the first half, stopping is too large is Fletcher will be off the ball and posted it on the road, Gardner after the ball, can be directly facing the Chelsea defender Jacob Zuma. In defensive Zuma fear missing, and war and retreat, Gardner calm kicker long-range, Courtois was caught off guard, the score into 1-1. And in the attack, Pedro can be said that there is No. From the data we can see this point: shot 0, create opportunities for 0, came in the 0, 0 and 0 for placement, zhengding…… 18 note to pass, down 9 in the frontcourt, down 9 in the backcourt, but pass the success rate is only 78%, such data say what also not satisfactory. Returned to court after halftime, Pedro has been replaced by young Kennedy, after the "Daily Mail" only to Pedro played 5 minutes the audience at a minimum. European sports commentator in the first half of the game bluntly: today, Pedro appears to be a lack of confidence." Pedro activity space is worth mentioning is that, Pedro Sibrand is definitely a special opponent. At the beginning of the season Pedro chose to leave Barcelona, Spain striker signed after Chelsea’s debut is facing west brom. The game Pedro shot to help the team win, his arrival is a bright eyes, for the offensive team to join the new elements. Recalling that game, Pedro said: "yes, I remember that game very well. The players gave me a warm welcome in the dressing room, which was the beginning of my Chelsea career. My goal is very important, I will always remember it, it was my first in the Premier League, just like a dream start." Pedro this field almost no bright spots but the beginning of the dream is not necessarily a dream of the process, then Pedro’s performance gradually attributed to the mediocre. Before Mourinho left the Standford bridge, he only scored one goal in the September League Cup against Wall Sol. But it is worth mentioning that, in the first game after Hiddink took office, Pedro also scored. The game, even though the Dutch did not sit on the bench, but in the eyes of Hiddink’s goal, or to add a lot of Pedro’s impression. After a few games, whether it is the replacement or starter, Pedro has been the opportunity to play. But today, seeing the Spanish mediocre performance, it seems that Hiddink also can not see it. At half – time, he would have Pedro in the field. Be Pedro Kennedy’s performance in the performance of a lot of substitute Kennedy Pedro, it is to give people a deep impression. Fifty-seventh points)