3Xinjiang Urumqi in half new net – divorce case in domestic violence|Xinjiang Urumqi in half new net – divorce case in domestic violence

Sandy area of Xinjiang Urumqi half of divorce cases from domestic violence – in new network reporter Wu phoon correspondent Gao reporter learned today from the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, Urumqi shayibake District, the people’s court, last year, sandy court accepted more than 1000 cases of marriage and family, which divorce case accounted for one-third and half of divorces, one of the reasons is each other of the domestic violence act. Sandy area of women’s Federation, according to statistics, in 2013 so far, sand three (community, street, district) women’s federations received a total of involving domestic violence calls visiting 287 million, accounting for 32% of the total number of petition cases. Among them, the husband to his wife violence accounted for 92%. The sand court spokesman Zhang Haijiang says, domestic violence has become a failure of marriage and family, influence the stability and security of the society an important threat. But most people think of domestic violence is a chore, failed to timely through the alarm, medical care and other forms of fixed evidence, resulting in the difficulty of proof of the victim, it is difficult for the court or can not be identified, the defendant committed domestic violence facts. On March 1, the implementation of anti domestic violence law defined a number of departments of the mandatory reporting obligations, from the perspective of legal enforcement constraints of various departments together to stop acts of domestic violence, victim forensics to positive role. If the divorce is caused by domestic violence, whether the fault party has the right to make a claim for compensation? Division of property when the fault party can not point or less property? Zhang Haijiang explains said that current laws and regulations, implementation of serious domestic violence to bear the civil, criminal and administrative liability, but domestic violence and not at the time of divorce fault less or property of the statutory subject matter.