3War Veterans How To Help|War Veterans How To Help

UnCategorized The job of a soldier is not an easy one. Often they have to deal with harsh weather conditions, lack of basic supplies and the dangers of the battlefield. Being away from the familiar feeling of friends and family can have devastating effects upon the soldiers. The difficulties survived throughout the wars stay with soldiers long after the wars are over. As a result of these lasting struggles, it is often necessary to help war veterans. The question is, how? There are several ways to help war veterans. Probably one of the most important ways to do so is something that anyone can do. Listen. By allowing the veteran to talk about their thoughts, memories, fears and frustrations, it allows for them to do some emotional healing. Being a good friend and attentive listener may be just the thing that any veteran stands in need of. Instead of trying to solve the problem or judge, simply let them say what they want to say and do so whenever it is needed. Some war veterans are negatively affected more so than others. In fact, some war veterans suffer with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD). This is a serious situation in which veterans should seek help. The National Center of PTSD can help and is available to war veterans today. Watch for the signs of PTSD which include phobias, flashbacks, sleep problems, nightmares, blackouts and more. Gather the information for the war veteran who is struggling and suggest in a non aggressive way for him or her to seek counsel. There are many institutions put in place just for the brave soldiers who have fought in wars past. Veterans can receive help with finding a job through the Department of Labor’s VETS Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program. There is also the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. The Iraq War Veterans Association, Inc can provide information and resources such as education, employment, support and giveaway’s. By doing some research and providing access to these facilities through contact information and encouragement, war veterans can receive aid in finding exactly what it is they stand in need of. Lastly, another way to help out the veterans today, especially if there is no family or friends that fit this description, is to volunteer time at one of the VA facilities. This can be done by going to a VA website and filling out the form online. They should be in contact within a reasonable amount of time with instructions pertaining to how else one can be helpful. About the Author: