3Virgin behind the industry said Chinese service industry to enhance the overall|Virgin behind the industry said Chinese service industry to enhance the overall

Behind the "virgin": industry, said China’s service industry to be overall improvement recently, a "Virgin Atlantic Airways involving discrimination" micro channel refresh my circle of friends. Origin of the event in a Chinese female passenger issued a document, said his ride the Virgin Atlantic Airways was the abuse of foreign passengers, followed by the injustice of flight attendants, complaints all point to the known by the high quality service for foreign airlines. In recent years, successive losses of the virgin in the "main battlefield" Cross Atlantic routes already vulnerable, is gradually reducing other Intercontinental routes, and in China for many years since the only maintained a route. This neglect of the Chinese market is also reflected in its service quality. Since 2014, foreign airlines have opened a new route to the country to reach 100. "In my services, the airline, in general, more emphasis on North America, Europe and Australia market, but even the Asian market, the service quality of China’s routes in Japan and South Korea under the." An international airlines flight attendant told reporters China "business". On the verge of a virgin: layoffs, some flights were grounded or even withdraw from the Japanese market recently, a Chinese female passenger issued a document on the Internet, take Virgin Atlantic Airways from London Fanhu. In machine unprovoked a foreign man insulted China "pig". The passengers had to flight attendant for help, but was rebuked and asked to keep quiet or catch the plane. Although the flight attendants said the man may be "mental problems", and said he would arrange for him to sit in other places, but there is no action. While at the same time, in the flight of Chinese flight attendants said themselves do not have permission to solve this problem, and said: "the UK flight attendant has always been a white shield. This is absolutely not bother Chinese, Chinese stewardess on the plane position is the lowest, often by other British co-worker discrimination and slander." After the incident caused the attention of Chinese media and netizens, in the official microblogging Virgin Atlantic Airways China (micro Bo authentication for the virgin airlines, Shanghai Office said, the company of racial discrimination zero tolerance, is a thorough investigation of the whole event. Since then, micro-blog has once again issued a document, expressed regret for the incident, and refers to its air service personnel have done their best to mediate. Virgin founder Richard & middot; Branson Richard Branson also gradually on its twitter account in English, said the incident was very sorry. But he refers to the judge in investigation, and reiterated that will not tolerate any malicious insults. Reporters about the incident to the Virgin Atlantic Airways have further contact, but as of press time ago, virgin airlines, Shanghai office did not to reporters respond. Virgin Atlantic is referred to as the British Virgin Atlantic Airways, founded in 1984, provides contact British intercontinental long haul service. Virgin Atlantic is one of the subsidiary of the Virgin Group, Virgin Group has a 51% stake, Delta Airlines has a 49% stake. Virgin founder Richard & middot; Sir Richard Branson is the soul of the virgin, the "hippie" style and successful entrepreneurial experience to Virgin Atlantic Airways to increase the fraction of legend.