3To go to war with China and Russia, the U.S. military is increasingly not confident|To go to war with China and Russia, the U.S. military is increasingly not confident

Was at war with China and Russia, us more and more self-confidence Author: Chen Guangwen budget cuts, action against terrorism, the Iraq war and the Afghanistan war let the United States readiness continues to weaken. According to defense news weekly 18 quoted U. S. Army chief of staff Mark & middot; Millie admiral said, when we talk about the risk, that is possible outbreak of large-scale war with China, Russia, Iran and North Korea in one or two countries between. The Americans may lose the war, because it is impossible for US forces to respond to the enemy’s actions in a timely manner, in order to achieve their own military purposes. The United States is not ready to start a war with Russia and china. US military or regional and anti terrorist operations. But one day the prospect of a war with Russia, China, Iran or North Korea and other opponents of the war is deeply disturbed by the The Pentagon. Is now drawdown and military spending cuts make us very distressed, apparently somewhat weak, but also to challenge China and Russia, but secretly were left to ponder the dire consequences of the conflict and the two countries. So we see that in Ukraine, despite the weakness, forcibly pulled down the EU and NATO Russia, but only limited to the language of the warning and economic sanctions, has not taken action can make Ukraine feel inspired; in Syria, in the face of Russia suddenly launched military action against terrorism, the United States is confused. Had to be relegated to the role of terrorism in Yemen and the Iran times angle; us, even can not take any action, in order to avoid distractions that lead to himself unable to deal with China and Russia; in North Korea, the fourth nuclear test to get the whole western star in Japan and South Korea have even strike terror into the heart of, frightened, although the largest in the history of South Korea military exercises have been kicked off, but the day before Kim Jeong-eun still shouting "should the United States away from the earth; in the South Chinese sea, although the Philippines and Vietnam high-profile request, and beauty Military is also just a tentative dispatch of a single ship (aircraft) to maintain the freedom of navigation aircraft operations, although this violation of the world’s axioms, but it can only be limited to this…… The reason, or by U.S. officials of all arms of the words to explain: the United States Army chief of staff Mark · and in a congressional hearing that has operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, and budget cuts of troops, the U.S. military caused accumulation effect, the military would likely lose the war, so the United States is not ready to go to war with Russia and the United States Secretary of the air force Chinese; Deborah · James also said in a speech, the air force in the half of the war with Russia and other countries there is no "ready", the air force fighter pilots are facing shortage of more than 500 people, the gap is expected to 2022 will increase to more than 800 people; the United States retired admiral Harvey pointed out that the U.S. Navy currently takes about 16 aircraft carriers, and now we have only 10 ships, which led to the current U.S. face A looming problem – there will be a shortage of aircraft carriers in the Western Pacific and the Middle East this year, unable to support the global hegemony of the United States. The discontent and resentment of the US armed forces of the United States is now filled, actually helpless. If the US and IS, "Al Qaeda", "Al nusra front" and any other terrorist organizations and Syria.