3The old man lost 3 children depression group seeking father high-profile street patrol team|The old man lost 3 children depression group seeking father high-profile street patrol team

Depression in the elderly man lost in group 3, children find the parent team high-profile patrol the street children set up a high-profile "seeking father team", causing along the attention of passers-by. Original title: his father lost children group "seeking father team downtown shuttle information times dispatch (reporter Luo Yanghui) married Howard fleet to patrol the street, is not what strange things. "Seeking father street patrol team go forward with great strength and vigour", a "missing person, all high! Yesterday morning, the Guangzhou Baiyun District Xinshi area crane edge, Jingxian a "seeking father" team. It is understood that lost uncle called Chen Hongqiu, suffering from depression, February 20, at the edge of the crane lost family members searched for three days to no avail, children and rate team "high-profile" seeking father. According to Chen Hongqiu’s son Chen introduced, his father 54 years old this year, is an electrician, a year ago, the father did not work, the whole people are unhappy, that he did not use, will drag their children. My father sometimes and confused. To this end, they also took his father to see a doctor, the doctor said it was depression, but also to eat the medicine, but no better". Mr. Chen said that his father came to Guangzhou in July last year, he returned to his hometown. A week ago, he and his sister and his father to Guangzhou to take care of, live in the village of Western Zhou Jie He Bian Baiyun district. February 20th, the father and mother mixed a few mouth, to 5 pm, his father went out, we all thought he went for a walk, did not expect has never come back." Families of the retrieval of surveillance video showed that day afternoon 5 Xu, Chen Hongqiu appeared in metallurgical technical school near the bus station, to the direction of the new town walk, then there is no trace of him. "Dad went out, no phone, no wallet." Chen Hongqiu’s daughter Chen said, they launched more than and 10 relatives, day and night to find no fruit. At present, they have the police. Looking for 3 days without fruit, Mr. Chen decided to find the father of the team patrol street. Yesterday morning at 11 am, consisting of six cars seeking the parent team in the vicinity of Cape border, Newmarket, Huangshi driving slowly, sometimes, families still get off to distribute the "Notice of missing person", causing the attention of many people. There is a taxi driver after seeing the missing person posted on my car. A young man saw after that, 22 in Huangshi road saw Chen Bo, the family rushed to the area to find, but no fruit. The old man’s daughter said, I hope good people to help look, found the whereabouts of his father told them. Editor: Ni Zijian