3The director of the hospital accepting property called checked daughter – Beijing personal independe|The director of the hospital accepting property called checked daughter – Beijing personal independe

Hospital accepting property checked said – "daughter maverick money new network talk profusely slightly understand some truth to know, where there is a" one-child maverick ", shuiyiqian daoyiwan, or bartering, or" leaning right walk ". In Zhang’s hand, if there is no power, what other people send money to his daughter? According to reports, the former president of Guangdong Provincial Maternity and Child Care Center, Zhang Xiaozhuang was charged with accepting other people’s property to give more than 428 yuan, of which the Australian dollar 59 yuan is accepted by the daughter of the account opened in australia. Hearing, Zhang Xiaozhuang denied all the allegations, he only acknowledged that had begged company co chairman of looking for work in Australia for their only daughter, and self defense daughter money is "a feature of the one-child maverick". Zhang Xiaozhuang will daughter to collect money for the daughter of the maverick, to attract the attention of millions of people, deeply and draws the outline of the corrupt officials. After being unmasked funny faces. Zhang Xiaozhuang didn’t know a word, is a "personal independence of conduct" untenable? No. But when the former "human", suddenly fallen from encountering catastrophe, it is inevitable to try to catch a few "life-saving straw", "daughter maverick money, but is I panicked after the subconscious reaction. Slightly understand some truth to know, where there is a "one-child maverick", shuiyiqian daoyiwan, or bartering, or "leaning right walk". Zhang did not have the power in his hands, what other people send money to his daughter? Don’t let Zhang know, others this money sent and didn’t send and what difference? This one of the logic, can be described as simple. Not to mention, even as Zhang Xiaozhuang himself said, 59 million Australian dollars is indeed "daughter maverick money", then received a construction company Zhao some 80 million yuan RMB and the how to explain? I think a "cooperative research project funds" to stall in the past? I really do not know, a medical expert and a construction company, there is a common need for scientific research topics to cooperate? Too much corruption, sacked after with all kinds of wonderful incomparable reason, try to explain your own money is "legal", is "no", however, various interpretations, destined to be a "self deceiving", destined to only is a struggle trying to escape charges. For the officials, there is never "daughter of the maverick money" will only have Chuaizhuo understand Lao Tze of corruption and confused. Compared with many provincial and ministerial level of the big tiger, Zhang Xiaozhuang is at best only "small flies, but regardless of the" tiger "or" little fly "in sacked after, often can be seen his wife and children and other relatives involved in corruption corruption money quagmire, rather let people sigh unceasingly. As a former dean of maternal and Child Health Hospital of Guangdong Province Zhang Xiaozhuang, this excuse is obviously ridiculous, but behind the ridiculous, but projected power supervision loopholes, the signing of bartering absurd shady. In front of power, everyone is easy to lose yourself. Therefore, system and build a fence, the power cage, let each holding power, are not greedy, not greedy, there would not have been sacked after)