3Taiwan crooks into hot potato Cai Yingwen foreign media on both sides of fuzzy failure or network – |Taiwan crooks into hot potato Cai Yingwen foreign media on both sides of fuzzy failure or network –

Taiwan crooks into hot potato foreign media: Tsai on both sides of fuzzy tactical or failure – in New Network Reference News Network reported on April 19 new reported, Taiwan blue and green camps handover entered a transitional period, suddenly popped on both sides of the Taiwan Straits "grab" in the third involved in telecommunications fraud in the case of Taiwan suspects, and one after another in Kenya and Malaysia twice played. According to Singapore, "Lianhe Zaobao" web site reported on April 18, the handling of the case of Kenya and Malaysia, the case is not the same, Beijing a grasp of a put, highlighting to the international community highlight national sovereignty of ability, but also enlarge the Taiwan extremely vulnerable position and exposed Taiwan sanctions against the Taiwanese in overseas criminal. Lianhe Zaobao quoted Taiwan media reports say Kenya forced the 45 involved in the fraud case of Taiwanese sent to mainland China. Malaysia will be the 20 Taiwan suspects back to Taiwan, and said the other 32 people will also send back. Reported that Taiwan grab people, evidence has been secured, is facing the embarrassing situation, under the suspect machine because no crime in Taiwan card was released, causing public outcry. Public opinion Xu Yongming even accused the authorities in charge of legal affairs of the Taiwan authorities did not actively collect evidence from the mainland, a serious dereliction of duty. Taiwan authorities in charge of legal affairs department make a counter attack, willing to poke straight key issues, in accordance with the cross-strait cooperation in combating crime and judicial assistance agreement ", such as exchange of criminal intelligence, investigation of cooperation, joint investigation, proof of delivery etc., all need to as the two sides discussed negotiation can of, the Taiwan authorities, legal department" unauthorized unilateral decision ". Reported that behind this seem a farce, highlighting the relations between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits is extremely fragile and sensitive, and fraud involving surface is legal issues of jurisdiction, but the core of the problem is indeed the "one China" political issues. Taiwan area and Kenya and Malaysia have no diplomatic ties, Kenya in Beijing’s demands, Taiwanese sent to the mainland, the "one China policy" must be key factors. Moreover, if the victim is really the case of fraud in the mainland, Taiwan, and the mainland is also difficult to dispute jurisdiction. Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Fengshan speech in Kenya in the case of an event, reflecting the judicial problems is not only clear. He said: "because of these criminals engaged in overseas criminal acts, the victims are all mainland residents, of course, the mainland has the jurisdiction of the judiciary. And the relevant countries are the establishment of diplomatic relations with china". Taiwan media also quoted the Taiwan authorities administrative department spokesman Sun Liqun said that Taiwan legal department in the inter departmental meeting pointed out that in 2011, Taiwanese if with the mainland have legal disputes, was part of the escort to return to Taiwan, but must conform to "both sides of the victim" or "through the Strait is to fight against the crime detection conditions, but for the victims of the Kenyan cases are in the mainland and" non joint detection, and past cases different ". Reported that in February 2011, 14 involving Telecom fraud case of Taiwan suspects is Filipino repatriation to the mainland, Taiwan by the cross-strait cooperation in combating crime and judicial assistance agreement "consultation with the mainland more than four months after, 14 people from the mainland sent returned to the stage to trial. At that time on both sides of the same one in the same, there is a certain tacit understanding, the two sides also form a "people’s jurisdiction" mode of operation, when the people of Taiwan and the big.