3Russian media Japan has no intention of the Diaoyu Islands in China concessions to the United States|Russian media Japan has no intention of the Diaoyu Islands in China concessions to the United States

Russian media: Japan has no intention of on the Diaoyu Islands in China concessions expect the United States shot – Beijing, February 23, the United States the "Stennis’ aircraft carrier battle group and the sea of Japan from ships in the Philippine Sea with fleet sailed, organize training and drills. Russia, "the independent" in March 21st published the article said, whether it is Japan or China, have no intention to make concessions in the territorial dispute. Tokyo Fu published results of the textbook, identified the Diaoyu Islands belong to Japan’s inherent territory, Chinese diplomats will come forward to refute, saying China over the Diaoyu Island and its affiliated islands enjoy the inherent sovereignty, this is indisputable. China’s position is clear and consistent. The article said that both verbal confrontation occurred under the background of the increasingly close relations between Japan and the Philippines, Vietnam, experts believe that if Tokyo behind without the backing of the United States, would not be so high-profile act. Beijing believes that the interpretation of history of Japanese politicians are distorted, and even worse, they also try to to incorrect history view of the education of the young, unwilling to admit to China and other Asian countries launched the aggression. This is the essence of China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang’s statement at the press conference. Valery, director of the Russian Academy of Sciences of the far east the center for Japanese studies? Based stanovoy said: "positions of the two countries are different, there is no sign of bridging the differences. Japanese of China requirements ignored. But Chinese believes that Japan’s illegal occupation of the islands, which should be returned. There is no hope for this dispute. Because the island has important strategic significance for both countries, it is mainly to the East China Sea sea artery choke. In addition, the seabed oil and gas reserves are considerable, fisheries resources are also very rich. Japan and South Korea face similar problems. Seoul in effective control of Dokdo (Japan called Takeshima), but the Japanese claimed to be South Korea occupied the islands and should be returned, Koreans do not recognize there is no controversy. The only plan to discuss territorial issues with Japan is russia. Our position is not as strong as in Beijing and Seoul." China is the initiative to implement the policy. It sent a coast guard ship to the Diaoyu Islands, sometimes in areas within 12 nautical miles. Tokyo is worried that China will put on the island’s version of the force. It hopes to sign the U.S. security agreement with Washington, if China is indeed the use of force, the United States will lend a helping hand to the allies. This agreement is also the cause of the situation has not been developed to the war. At the same time, Japan is also more actively involved in the conflict in the South China Sea, it is also increasingly concerned about the role played by. The South China Sea and the East China Sea, Tokyo is of great significance. Japan imported 80% of the oil from the Middle East, are to be transported, while the South China Sea Fishing accounted for 10% of the global share. Japan under the banner of "curb China’s expansion", to maintain the freedom of navigation under the banner of acting. At present, it has not yet involved with the United States to participate in the Sea Patrol, but has provided a patrol ship to Philippines and Vietnam, and training for the navy. Tokyo also plans to start in April to Philippines, and then sent to Vietnam fleet, and launched a joint military exercise. However, in the spring of this year, Japan and Chinese "tug of war" also added a trump card. In May, the G7 summit in japan.