3Lang Dallas do not regret the Mavericks only love no resentment|Lang Dallas do not regret the Mavericks only love no resentment

Rondo: joined the Dallas don’t regret on calf only love not hate [collection] king 116-104 thunder test God 19 rebounds double double long more than 19 assists quasi three pairs of Tencent sports January 6 hearing according to reports of the Larry Brown sports ", King on the road against the Mavericks. This is Rondo summer leave Dallas for the first time in the face of the old lord, for the previous and the city’s gratitude and grudges entanglements, Rondo said he has no regrets about once in calves during the experience, of Dallas, he only love no grudge. According to YAHOO reporter Spears – Mark reported that, because of the problem of back cramps, Lang more likely to be absent from the game. Lang said that the calf only to fall in love with season joined the Dallas Mavericks, Lang field are played 28.7 minutes, can only take 9.3 points and 6.5 assists and talk about experiences in Dallas unsuccessful, Rondo said, "each have not achieved the desired effect, it is not reached, no any excuse, you do not need to point the finger at anyone. But it also makes me stronger and makes me more appreciative of the opportunity to play." Lang said that may be in Dallas after the end of the trip, he realized that the two sides do not fit. "Not every coach and each player can keep step with, not every team can be suitable for different styles of players. I have never doubted myself, this experience makes me work harder, I think last summer was my most bitter summer. I like to compete, and from the first day of the league, someone is questioning me, but that doesn’t affect me." This summer, Lang and the king signed a 10 million year contract for 1 years, long think in this section of the calf’s experience has some influence on his worth. "There is no doubt that I have had a difficult three or four months in Dallas, and that is really something that will affect you. But at the same time, it will help you. I do not regret this experience in Dallas, everything is because of this, I believe. I and a lot of people here have established a very good relationship, they treat me very well, Cuban is a good person, I have nothing to regret." On the season in the Mavericks, Lang and coach Carlile there are some contradictions, Lang said that two people really can not be a unified pace. "It’s like this, we tried, and we did it, but we still can’t do it." And for the Mavericks fans, Lang said, "I love to stay here every minute, I do not regret ever coming. Here the fans gave me a lot of respect, every game, I have to go all out. I want to win, I will always be a person who likes to compete. This season in the king, Lang played more than 35.4 minutes, you can get 11.6 points and 12 assists and 6.5 rebounds data. (1) scan to download the Tencent sports APP event information first-hand grasp