3Hunan woman was detained for 185 days after the release of the error was identified as schizophrenia|Hunan woman was detained for 185 days after the release of the error was identified as schizophrenia

Hunan peasant woman was the wrong detention 185 days release was identified for schizophrenia – Sohu News January 29 morning, Hunan Province Higher People’s Court of respond to the upper reaches of news said once handsome requirements longhui County procuratorate criminal compensation case has been sent to the hands of the judge, the high court had to Shaoyang court issued a letter of inquiry, to request a review of the case. Previously, longhui County, Shaoyang City, Hunan has handsome husband Yang Ziqian complained to the upstream news said, in 2012, the once handsome for civil disputes is wrong detention 185 days later, appear schizophrenia were identified as secondary mental disability. Subsequently, the family requested Longhui County procuratorate criminal compensation for Ceng Qingxiu, and the Hunan provincial hospital. Neighborhood disputes, villagers were wrong detention 185 days in 2012, Hunan Longhui County Pakistan oil Village Rural Power grids. October 2, at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, Ceng Qingxiu and her husband Yang Ziqian because the meter installation of things, and the village of Tang Pinggui conflicts, then both sides outbreak of the conflict. During the conflict, Tang Pinggui was injured. On the same day, Tang Pinggui to Longhui County Public Security Bureau, said handsome stone broke their 5 teeth. In October 8th, Shaoyang City, a judicial authentication institution for identification of Tang Pinggui injured, had been arrested and comely. 9, once handsome suspicion of intentional injury crime criminal detention by public security organs, detained in Longhui County Detention center. 17, Longhui County Procuratorate approved the arrest had been arrested. Injury identification has become a critical condition of the case. The following year in April 9th, the Nanchang forensic identification center of Tang Pinggui’s injuries are minor injuries. In April 12, 2013, the Longhui County Court on the case of a criminal ruling. Yang Ziqian to the upper reaches of the press to provide the criminal ruling shows that Longhui county court in the case of the prosecution process, the public prosecution to the case evidence changes on the grounds that the request to withdraw the prosecution. After reviewing the court in accordance with the law, to request the withdrawal. In April 12th, once released by the public security organs and. From being detained to release, had been detained in Longhui County Detention Center was closed for 185 days. In December 23rd of that year, Longhui county prosecutor’s office to the case of insufficient evidence, Ceng Qingxiu made no prosecution decision. Had been released after the release, was identified as schizophrenia in April 12, 2013, that Ceng Qingxiu was released from the detention center, when he was director of the village of Yan Limei with 5 villagers to pick her up. "At that time, had pretty messy hair, he kept crying out from the inside." Yan Limei recalls, was handsome mood is very unstable, they also brought her a bath, change clothes before returning to the village. But after returning to a house, once handsome also appears to be very normal, sometimes laugh cry sometimes, in the dead of night, go out or beat bowl, furniture. This let Yang Ziqian feel very puzzled, before the good people, how to get out of jail? "When people were arrested, they were still good." Yang Yang said. Wei Yuan hospital in Longhui Province, said that had suffered from severe depression, early psychosis, and began treatment. Since then, had been transferred to Shaoyang city and brain medicine)