3China PGA international first qualifying round finishes Portsmouth Bute lead|China PGA international first qualifying round finishes Portsmouth Bute lead

China PGA international first qualifying round finishes Bute lead Bute Park Park see January 14, 2016 news. 2016 season Ping An Bank, China and the United States tour match international qualifying first game of the third round of the contest to the overseas Chinese city of Kunming Yunhai Valley ball will compete. Round the South Korean golfer Pu Chengbi Park Sungpil) in the gale made PAR scores and the total score of 5 on the leaderboard to rise to the top of. Australian player Daniel & middot; nice bits (Daniel Nisbet) and South Korean players to Jin Zaihao (Kim Jae HO), respectively, to – 3 and – 2 for the total score of the provisional second, three. Thursday clouds Valley Club weather compared with little change in the first two rounds, that is already a lot of wind in the sky appear white clouds, the greater. How to maintain a stable performance in the wind has become the biggest challenge for the players, which Koreans Pu Chengbi undoubtedly done quite well. After the end of the first round Pu Cheng Bi to 5 grades in parallel the second, starting today from the leading group, he in the first nine holes is in the hands of the ball with the group not eating only to bogey, which on the 8th hole also beautiful caught a bird, a total score once came to the – 6. After the transition Koreans met, 10 and 11 hole continuous bogey let his grades dropped, but fortunately, 13, 15, 16 and three hole continuous bird let him will total scores improved to – 7. The ending two holes in the park into Bute had problems, continuous two bogeys let him today caught all birds are in vain, eventually after a 54 hole total score fixed at – 5. Chinese Taipei player Liu Yourui epicycle match the performance of the best players, today from nine of his half after achieved 3 bird eagle only eat a bogey to hand over 4, after the transition in the first nine he caught three birds at the same time also eat two bogeys. Finally today made 5 results not only let him become the station qualifying until now single wheel performance best player, also helped him to a total score of + 2 to tie for 17th place, such a state if we can keep to the final round, then he from 2016 season full card is only one step away. Due to round too many players lost in the wind, talked about his excellent state Liu Yourui said: "this morning, I first kickoff team. When the wind is not great, so I very lucky. And I was a good performance today, yesterday with the 36 push, and today only 27 push, especially short push the chance to not miss. At the same time, I also last night asked another Taipei player party Yinren, he yesterday in the wind and par 5 hole play was very good, get the Hawks, after the end of the game he shared many essentials to me. " Perry two rounds of the lead to play the wrong if the golf game has a "fuse mechanism", then today triggered the fuse must be the second round of the leader, New Zealand Perry – Matthew. The third round of the game Perry with -6 total score from the leading group, but he was in the first nine of the performance of the disaster, yesterday did not eat bogey Perry in the top nine to eat 2 bogey and in the 7 hole to eat.