3A testator Duchuang hiking depopulated area of North Tibet knife confrontation wolf (Figure) – Beiji|A testator Duchuang hiking depopulated area of North Tibet knife confrontation wolf (Figure) – Beiji

Hiking maniac stand Testament Duchuang the northern no man’s land to confrontation knife wolf (Figure) – in new network Chengdu Alice "stone" (right) play outdoor sports. "Into all acts crazy people left prescribed only break Qiangtang no district" tracking earlier this month, a called the "stone" Chengdu veterans from northern Tibet (near Xinjiang) a call Jieshan in place, resolutely broke into the Qiangtang unmanned area, alone a person pushing carrying all supply modified bicycle began him over a period of 80 days across the northern Tibet trekking challenge (this newspaper had reported). Last year had hemoptysis quit unmanned Qiangtang area of he, this can’t live out of the average almost 5000 meters above sea level, wolf rampant extremely cold world, even his own including family and friends, say not clear. In the evening of April 6th, "stone" finally gave his friend Mr. Zhou played the first satellite phone, introduced him in the past 10 days to experience and feelings. Now everything goes smoothly, just encountered the wolf on the way. Lu Yu wolf holding knife confrontation swiftly Qiangtang unmanned area to at Northern Tibetan Plateau, trekking through unmanned Qiangtang area Alice owners referred to as the "ultimate walk". A person, no single area of the Qiang Tong 1400 kilometers on foot, can live out of this very cold world, "stone" before the start of their friends said that the probability of living out of only 30%, which makes everyone worried about him. Since he entered the unmanned area after many days no news, about his friends are very worried about the accident. Finally in the evening of April 6th, in the depths of the "stone" in the area of the "stone" of the "stone", finally gave Mr. Zhou a satellite phone call, and this is his only means of communication in the inside can be used. After the satellite phone call, "stone" introduced him in the past 10 days to experience and feel: "progress is very smooth, even better than expected." Unmanned Qiangtang area almost not belong to human heath, every April and may, Qiangtang, northern Tibet, China no positive zone melting glaciers occasion, extreme cold, thin air, deserted, avalanche may at any time this occurred, here not only active Tibetan antelope, wild ass, there are also fierce wolf, brown bear. Indeed, the "stone" in the trek on the face of the wolf. He described the scene at that time: the wolf when you see a little nervous, his hands pinch already ready machetes against any eventuality, insist for a long time, wolves seem to less interest to him, in addition to from time to time to see the break "strange animal" outside, did not take drastic action. The wolf finally left, change danger into safety. Wind power is the fastest one day go 60 now, "stone" outgoing message is had moved to the vicinity of crescent lake, weather, physical condition don’t cause trouble. If all goes well, he will then a week or so arrived in a place called Yanghu, completed his first walk the stage plan. The foot, he pushed a car of his own modified bike, in addition to carrying a satellite phone, special GPS, solar charger, such as a large number of high-tech equipment, the "wind sail bicycle" is also very special, he at the rear added a sail, can be in on the way on foot through the wind. spring