3A stranded hospital 31 months out of court move out of order (Figure) – Sohu news|A stranded hospital 31 months out of court move out of order (Figure) – Sohu news

A stranded hospital 31 months out of court "move out of order" (Figure) – Sohu news Yang Guixuan has been guarding the vegetable son. People in Foshan Chinese medicine hospital outside the hospital four families of a ward, 54 year old Guizhou Yang Guixuan is looking at the bed of the son of a trance. Because the Spring Festival is approaching, in addition to critically ill patients, many patients have been families then discharged, where Yang ward has three beds, but only Yang patient. Yang, 21 years old, has been living in Foshan Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in two years and seven months. The original in the home when the construction workers Yang Guixuan, heard yang to the news of the injured rushed over, also with the son together in the hospital up to two years and seven months, eat and drink Lazard all in the hospital. On June 30, 2013, Yang and others in a brawl, during which the head being critical of the stick, never woke up, but the treatment of vital signs are obvious and stable, the hospital diagnosis of special severe craniocerebral injury and the haematoma left frontotemporal and parietal subdural, become "vegetable". Multiple evidence to prove he can be discharged came home from the Yang Guixuan has been in the hospital accompanied, except when they first came to the hospital east collects West borrowed back of 7 million yuan surgery, Yang Guixuan will never again to the hospital a penny. In August 27, 2014, after more than a year in the hospital, the doctor told Yang parents, according to the current situation of Yang, Yang should go to the hospital for treatment. However, this request was rejected by the parents of yang. In the same year on September 8, issued by the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine hospital certificate, consultation records, the latest diagnosis and description of the situation, showing Yang has reached the discharge standards, the hospital for the for the discharge formalities, but Yang’s family has not picked up. April 17, 2015, Foshan Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to the Guangdong Wahson judicial authentication center application, the medical period for the end of Yang identification. The identification center in May of the same year, 27 are forensic opinion book that Yang in the diagnosis for plant survival state, take nutrition nerve cells, brain, awaking treatment has no meaning and patients with stable vital signs, don’t need to stay in the hospital treatment, up to the end of the medical standard. The court eventually "moved out of order" 2015 August 5th, Foshan Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine a paper petition, Yang and the father of the Yang Guixuan sued court, requirements Yang Guixuan yang to move out of the ward, and pay the 43 million yuan of medical expenses. In December 9, 2015, the Chancheng District Court made the first instance verdict to support all requests of the Chinese medicine hospital. In January 14th this year, the Foshan Chinese Medicine Hospital sued Yang Guixuan and his son’s formal hearing the case. Recently, Chancheng District Court on the case to make the first instance verdict. In the opinion of the court, according to the judicial appraisal of the professional judgment, Yang reach medical end of the standard, but Yang’s family refused to discharge, and continue to occupy hospital beds, constitutes impairment of normal order of the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, hence the decision Yang pay Foshan Hospital of traditional Chinese Medicine medical expenses of 43 million yuan, and in the entry into force of the decision within 30 days of the move from Foshan Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine ward. According to "Guangzhou daily"