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Rank: coach cuilong Zhu lead over second cards on the list of Asian handsome – Sohu sports Beijing time on November 14th, Holland football coach Statistical Institute (IFCStat) through its website coachworldranking announced in 2016 forty-sixth of the world football club coach ranking. Jiangsu Suning Korean coach cuilong Zhu is still the leader in Tianjin, led by the right to health successfully Chongchao Cannavaro was also on the list. Henan Jianye coach Jia Xiuquan is still the highest ranking local coach. The football coach Statistics Institute (IFCStat) was founded in 2010 in Holland, and is also the first statistical institution to announce the world football club’s coaching rankings every week. The club coaches are ranked according to the 14000 football games over the past 52 weeks, the results of the calculated ranking statistics covering the world’s TOP40 National League, domestic cup and TOP10 Club InterContinental tournament, and has a unique scoring standard, according to the event’s influence and the degree of competition in different weighting coefficients are adjusted, the super club coach will score the team, including playing in the FA Cup and the League AFC Champions League achievements have higher timeliness. Because this week comes FIFA set game on the national team, so whether Asia or Europe club competition is basically in a state of suspension, so the club coach in addition to the individual need to deduct the integral 52 weeks ago, most of the coaches are integral invariant, ranking have varying degrees of improvement. Because Shanghai Shenhua has not yet determined the new season the manager, and promoted Guizhou Zhicheng local coach Li Bing has no entry, so only 14 people in the latest issue of the super coach list. Scolari and Pellegrini in two or three, the total ranking of the two are in the TOP50 column. The right to health led Tianjin Chongchao success of Cannavaro also in the list, but he can list more because before leading the Saudi Club Newcastle arne. The port of Shanghai coach Boas ranked fourth. Jiangsu Suning cuilong Zhu’s latest ranking has dropped to eighteenth, but still higher than the Arsenal professor Wenger 4 higher ranking. But more than the whole of the modern North Cui Kangxi to 7 place, but as the number one in Asia, the ranking of the top ten has fallen out of the top, the latest ranking of the top eleventh in the world, the number of people in the world, the first place in the world, the number of people in the world, the number of places in the United States, the number of places in the world, is the first in the world. The total top five are old faces, Enrique, Simonyi, Zidane, Guardiola and Emeri. (Zhuo Aoyou) the total Ranking Ranking team coach cuilong Zhu points (South Korea) Jiangsu Suning Scolari (Brazil) Guangzhou Hengda Pellegrini (Chile) Hebei Huaxia happiness boas (Portugal) port Stojkovic Shanghai (Serbia) Guangzhou bodied Jia Xiuquan (Chinese) Henan Jianye Portsmouth taixia Fuld Yanbian (South Korea) Zhang Wailong (South Korea) Chongqing Lifan Ma Lin Liaoning Hongyun (China) Li Zhangzhu (South Korea) Changchun Yatai Majiate (Germany) Shandong Luneng Cannavaro (Italy) Tianjin (Chinese) the right to health Xie Feng Pacheco (Beijing Guoan Portugal) Tianjin TEDA