39An orange can prevent four kinds of disease So eat the most effective!|An orange can prevent four kinds of disease So eat the most effective!2

An orange can prevent four kinds of disease? So eat the most effective! Easy to dry autumn weather, this is a good time to eat oranges, orange is one of the best fruit skin of the moment, taste joys and temperature, with the efficacy of cough and phlegm, also can prevent colds, loss of appetite and other symptoms of cough treatment. Let’s take a look at the benefits of eating oranges fall! Nutritional analysis: 1 oranges, oranges contain a lot of vitamin C and carotene, can inhibit the formation of carcinogens, but also soften and protect blood vessels, promote blood circulation, lower cholesterol and blood lipid; 2, research shows that drinking 3 cups a day Orange Juice can increase levels of high density lipoprotein (HDL) levels, thereby reducing the risk of heart in May, Orange Juice contains a specific chemical composition that flavonoids and lemon factors, can promote the increase of HDL, and delivery of low density lipoprotein (LDL) to in vitro; 3, often eat oranges will help alleviate people’s psychological pressure on the prevention of gallbladder disease effectively 4, the smell of oranges, but only to help women overcome the tension, the effect is not large for men. What are the benefits of eating oranges in autumn? 1, Orange Juice Remover – Deep Cleansing wash washcloth soaked Orange Juice wipe facial skin, fully absorbed after 5 minutes wash with water, not only can remover, and can thoroughly clean facial dirt and grease, to play a deep cleansing effect. Even sensitive skin can be assured that the use of. But to remind, use Orange Juice to avoid sun exposure after cleansing. An orange can prevent four kinds of disease? So eat the most effective! 2, orange seed powder – the treatment of rheumatism will air dried orange seeds into the pot, fried, fried, when the attention should not be fried, but as far as possible to fry the oil dry. Fried orange seeds into powder, with boiling water, every 3~5 grams, after dinner drink. Long term adherence to a certain extent, the treatment of rheumatism. 3, salt – Orange Juice supplement physical exercise after drinking Orange Juice, fructose rich quickly added strength, and as high as 85% of water to quench their thirst more refreshing. Special remind orange juice squeezed immediately after drinking, otherwise the oxygen in the air will make its vitamin C content decreased rapidly. Add salt to drink, the effect is more obvious. Reminder: fresh Orange Juice should be half an hour to drink orange collocation what to eat will be more nutritious and vitamin C with mayonnaise, 1 oranges + mayonnaise in the orange contains vitamin E collocation, helps blood circulation, skin care, anti-aging, anti-cancer. 2, orange + orange oranges contain vitamin P can strengthen the oranges contain vitamin C absorption, enhance immunity, prevent colds. 3, orange + cream orange is rich in dietary fiber, cream containing high cholesterol. With food, can reduce the body’s absorption of cholesterol.