38Barcelona announced the signing of 5 years in Holland to join the transfer fee of up to 15 million (|Barcelona announced the signing of 5 years in Holland to join the transfer fee of up to 15 million (1

Basa announced to join Holland international signed 5 year transfer fee of 15 million [] Messi sent straight shot deadly Saixilaisen anger from Alba will score Tencent sports news August 25th Beijing time on Thursday, Basa (official data) official website announced, after examination, Basa has signed a 27 year old former Ajax goalkeeper Xilai Sen, the contract for a period of 5 years. Transfer fee of 13 million euros, plus 2 million floating. Interestingly, in Barcelona’s official website announced a few minutes ago, early in his twitter Xilai Sen officials announced the deal. Silayson in the Champions League playoff Wednesday for Ajax played the second leg of the race, but that game Ajax lost 1-4 to the Russian super upstart Rostov, the final total score of 2-5 was eliminated, missed the Champions League group phase. After the game, immediately and directly from teammate Xilai Sen to Russia to Barcelona. Barcelona’s official website on Thursday morning, after arriving in Barcelona, immediately accepted physical examination and Xilai Sen, immediately after passing a medical sign in. Barcelona’s official website announced that the Holland goalkeeper Xilai Sen’s transfer fee of 13 million euros +200 million floating, 5 year contract, breach of contract payments up to 60 million euro. In the morning tomorrow is Friday, he joined Barcelona Xilai Sen will attend the press conference and officially unveiled. Barcelona’s official website also introduces tomorrow news conference and appearance of the arrangement: 11 in the morning, Barcelona President Ba Tomei U will hold a small ceremony to welcome the president at the Nou Camp Xilai Sen box. At 11:30, Nokamp will take pictures in Xilai Sen stadium, fans can also enter the Nokamp stand watch, time from 11 to 12. At 12:30, the press conference will be held at Xilai Sen joined in the media room, together with Xilai Sen attended the press conference will be Barcelona vice president Meister, administrative officer Albert Soler and sports director Robert Fernandes. (Fei Yi) announced to join Barcelona Xilai Sen