37The top scorer in the winter or return to the Russian super giants to poaching (video)|The top scorer in the winter or return to the Russian super giants to poaching (video)2

The top scorer in the winter or return to the Russian super giants to poaching [] like revenge! 3-0 win over Yanbian Guoan home court Zimei Ma IL two sports Tencent in October 14th as Beijing’s top striker, Yilmaz is now the Turks brilliance, after a wave of continuous goal after climax, he has been in 14 games and scored 8 for the national security the ball, high efficiency. Yilmaz, however, has been eyeing other teams. According to the Turkey media, yenisafak broke the news, the Russian super team intends to introduce the Moscow train Yilmaz, and will put forward a very serious offer. Guoan striker Yilmaz from the current situation, the Moscow locomotive of Yilmaz’s interest is very strong, even the Turkey media said: "this season is Yilmaz last season in the national security force." In fact, he joined the national security is less than a season, it is very likely to switch to another team. Recently, Yilmaz in the super high performance, so that the Russians moved. Moscow locomotive is currently in the Russian super performance is very poor, after losing top striker Bayer – Niese, they need one can Cuichengbazhai shooter, therefore, the hot state Zicheng their target Ma il. Electric screen is not clear now how will the Moscow locomotive condition but according to Turkey media Yilmaz, saying, should at least be able to offer acceptable security and Yilmaz. In the next few days, the Moscow locomotive will open negotiations with Yilmaz’s agent, and the possibility of success is very large. Previously, Yilmaz talked about his transfer issue, said he would not leave the national security, because "there are no national money", if Moscow locomotive really have confidence in him, would have been prepared to pay a high salary. According to the current state of Yilmaz, the national security without any reason will let him go, so the results also need to observe. When the introduction of Yilmaz, the national security spent 8 million euros transfer fee, even if the Moscow train really want to dig people, but also need to come up with a small chip. (Yalugelu)