37Bayern Zaiyu cup Ancelotti said to rival Green is looking forward to more sports Sohu – rotation|Bayern Zaiyu cup Ancelotti said to rival Green is looking forward to more sports Sohu – rotation4

Bayern Zaiyu cup Ancelotti said to rival Green rotation – Sohu expect more sports Beijing time on October 29th night at 21:30, 2016-17 season, the ninth round of the Bundesliga match, leader, defending champion Bayern Munich away to attack the WWK arena, Augsburg challenge. The two teams in the League zhanba 8, Bayern 6 wins 2 flat, into 20 ball lost 4 ball, a temporary advantage to 2 points to lead the standings. Augsburg 2 wins 2 flat 4 negative, scoring 7 goals to lose 11 balls, 8 points ranked twelfth. The last round of the league, Bayern beat Borussia Augsburg home court 2-0, 1-2 defeat in Freiburg. Week in the German Cup, the two teams just met, Bayern home 3-1 clearance, qualify for the third round. Augsburg injury situation is serious, especially in the core and Bobadiliya Caiuby two offensive team can not play, let the offensive firepower greatly reduced. In addition, Blin Cheik, F Lamb Bell, Friedrich and Schuster are also hanging mianzhanpai. As for Bayern, the biggest problems are small Ribery, Goetze, undergraduate and Dole also due to injury and diligent. The historical record of the history of the two teams played 15 times (10 Bundesliga, 4 German Cup, 1 cup, Augsburg Telecom) 3 wins and 12 losses, 9 goals to lose 35 balls in absolute downwind. The most recent clash between the two teams in the second round of the German Cup in midweek, Bayern home 3-1 win. However, Ji Dong won goal to help Augsburg to break the German Cup against Bayern has no goals embarrassing. On the season two games, Augsburg 1-2 away, 1-3 home court, Bayern was a double play. Ancelotti: the Augsburg races will be different as just played in the team, Ancelotti was reluctant to let down, he believes that Augsburg may be different in the home court, "I think the home court of Augsburg will adopt a different strategy, but we will continue to attack, Augsburg will focus on defense and counterattack, but the game will certainly and cup different. Especially their header is very strong, we must pay attention to." The rotation of the team, Ancelotti said it would continue, the players did not play on Wednesday will play tomorrow." Green for just in the week in the Bayern first team scored the first goal, Ancelotti praise, "his performance is very good, very hard, he is very helpful to us, everyone is happy with Green, he is a very occupation player." Of course, returned the Bard, "I am very satisfied with his bard, very focused on work, I hope he can continue." Finally the team is in the hands of the penalty, Ancelotti believes the penalty for Bayern is not a problem, "normally, Lavon is the first choice in the past, but it is also a good penalty takers Muller, so no problem, he can play in the penalty, we still have a lot of players, such as Robben, Alonso and Vidal." Bud Skei Tubl returned again after a lapse of 8 months for appearances, Bayern returned Bud Skei Tubl gave the biggest applause. In this regard, Bard himself very excited, "this is an exciting moment, I enjoy again)