36The first round of the U.S. Open three Chinese Jinhua impact Opener – Sports – people.com.cn|The first round of the U.S. Open three Chinese Jinhua impact Opener – Sports – people.com.cn1

The first round of the U.S. Open   three Chinese Jinhua impact Opener – Sports – people.com.cn original title: China three Jinhua shock opener in Beijing time on August 30th at the US Open, will start the second game for the day, the upper half of the women’s singles Peng Shuai, Zhang Shuai and Wang Qiang will be on the first round of the game, have the opportunity to win a good start". At the same time, the world’s first men’s singles Serena, the number 2 seed, Olympic champions Murray and No. 3 seed Wawrinka will also be unveiled. The Olympic Games tennis match the end of the 2 week, immediately moved to the US Open, for the double battle hope to create success the big names, physical reserves, adjusting the state will meet challenges. It is precisely because of this, the Olympic Games is known as this year’s fifth grand slam". However, when Nadal lamented that the big four will eventually go to the time, the small German has wiped away tears, from the first round of the Olympic games out of grief to return to normal. In fact, for a small German speaking, losing is not a bad thing, the key is to recover and confidence in the U.S. Open, Wimbledon, after all the early Olympic defeat, let NO.1 get more rest time, also get a better rehabilitation of wrist injury. Beijing time on August 31st at 7 in the morning, open an evening show at the Arthur Ashe Center Stadium? Serena, the world’s first twenty-second Grand Slam singles title at Wimbledon, the US Open will usher in the first competitor to Russia’s Maarova. Rio Olympic singles stop third round, and sister doubles partner is also no reason to defend, obviously, the trip is not a pleasant trip to rio. However, Williams said, "I play enough, training is not enough, but now I began to feel better. I hope I can be a little better every day." Chinese female three players will be on the same day debut, is located in the 14 District of Wang Qiang and Zhang Shuai, respectively against Russia and Australia’s Perez Casa Kim Aa rookie card. Born in 1997, kazankina, in recent years the world rankings now ranked 24 rise directly to a high position, and reached the highest occupation career. Last year’s us open, Casa Kim Aa or qualifying "lucky loser", and this year is the seed, Wang Qiang wants to win is not easy. At the beginning of this year, Zhang Shuai made a historic breakthrough in the Australian Open, and her way into 8 singles, her first round opponent is ranked 723 in the Australian wildcard Perez, who was born in 1995, this year for the first time for the Grand Slam, suffered a tour in australia. In addition, through ranking protection directly participated in the race for Peng Shuai, still recovering in the first round against America, she southpaws Le F Yisi C, who this year in poor condition, also once came into the doping scandal, Peng Shuai should be done in one vigorous effort to win the opponent. The US Open Men’s singles first round second days against Russell, Murray (2) VS (3) VS Wawrinka wodasike women’s singles first round (1) Serena VS Maarova (4) A (5) VS Pegula? Bystrica halep VS Keith Philip Williams (6) VS (23) VS Kozlova Casa Kim Aa Wang Qiang Zhang Shuai Peng Shuai Le F Yisi C (VS VS Perez commissioning editor:)