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Ling – foot and mouth vaccine is not a health Sohu recently, Beijing has fully enabled HFMD vaccine (EV71), and will cover more than and 550 outpatient admissions. Lift the foot and mouth disease, many parents fear that this makes them impossible to guard against infectious diseases is very painful. Hands and feet in the face of the vaccine to start the news, parents are more concerned about: fight the vaccine, the child will not have the hands and feet? Foot and mouth disease pathogen diversity of Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Affiliated Hospital of traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Department of Pediatrics former director Zhang Silai pointed out that the current domestic listed HFMD vaccine EV71 is the prevention of severe hand foot and mouth disease vaccine, for June to 3 years old people susceptible to EV71. According to reports, due to the pathogen of HFMD is diverse, and the recessive infection exist, coupled with the spread of foot and mouth disease ways, non vaccine targeted preventive measures, poor compliance, difficult to assess the effect of drugs, lack of specific and effective treatment, is HFMD prevention and control is particularly difficult. EV71 is the leading cause of severe and fatal cases of hand foot and mouth disease, which can cause infection of the central nervous system. China’s annual EV71 infection caused by severe and mild cases of hand foot mouth disease cases (direct medical costs and indirect costs) were 180 million yuan and -20 billion yuan. However, experts also said that the cause of intestinal virus of HFMD has 20 kinds, the foot and mouth disease EV71 vaccine can prevent HFMD caused by EV71 virus infection, can not prevent other enterovirus infections caused by hfmd. Director of Beijing CDC immunization Wu Jiang said in an interview, the present stage EV71 vaccine to promote the application of second kinds of vaccine inoculation, selected in accordance with the "informed and voluntary, at their own expense" principle. Children aged 6 to 3 years of age can be vaccinated with EV71 vaccine. However, like other vaccines, vaccination with EV71 vaccine does not necessarily produce a protective effect of one hundred percent. In addition, disease control experts, different from the need to fight influenza vaccine every year, hand foot and mouth disease caused by EV71 virus is relatively stable, so hand foot and mouth vaccine does not need to fight every year. According to the follow up of the three phase of the clinical study, the clinical efficacy of the vaccine was still maintained at a high level after two years of vaccination against EV71 hand foot and mouth disease vaccine. So, have been children with hand, foot and mouth disease, also need to fight it? In this regard, Zhang Silai pointed out that if the previous HFMD is clearly caused by the EV71 virus, no EV71 vaccine. If the hand foot and mouth disease is caused by other enteric viruses, or the results of non pathogenic diagnosis, you can be vaccinated with EV71 vaccine. Zhang Silai reminder, hand foot and mouth vaccine as early as possible, to encourage vaccination in December before the completion of the vaccination program. For children over the age of 5, EV71 vaccine is not recommended, because children over the age of 5 have a certain antibody. Vaccination and daily protection of both hands to catch the child vaccinated, the hand and foot with antibodies, is not afraid of hand and foot? Zhang Silai pointed out that the inoculation of foot and mouth vaccine and daily protection!