35Wang Meng three legends have gone this summer, the rivers and lakes will never be the same again (vi|Wang Meng three legends have gone this summer, the rivers and lakes will never be the same again (vi1

Wang Meng: the legendary three this summer have left the same arena since then don’t watch music: Garnett 21 years Rongma years is the most long love go with, are gone! Kobe, Duncan, now it’s Garnett. After 2016, NBA will look different. It’s really not the same anymore! In this connection, the character is no longer the arena. There are a lot of competitors, like Kobe. Let the opponent hate respect, and who? Heavy mountain, Buddha embraced teammates and opponents of Duncan only. Remember that story Tang Yi · Thomas said: "I got the ball in the low road built by Duncan hook. The other side to run, he said to me: This is a great move, but you must be more close to my body, so you can create a foul, or hide from my cover. I didn’t know he wasn’t kidding me. After several rounds, I got the ball in the post, this time I heard his stick, his body, though I still couldn’t get, but this time he couldn’t cover me, the other end to the stadium he ran, he said to me: This is a much better, then to." Is there anyone else? Garnett, is the arena where the most cross, the mix, the most ruthless, he is on the court in order to beat you, very Nothing needed is lacking. to defeat you. He is a special case of the times, but the only heir to the years. In those days, the opponent is the opponent, see a play once, once a break. Liang Ziyi knot, is a lifetime, I respect you, but never love you. This time you win me back, I worked hard, forcing teams to find better helper’s feet have avenged. The next time I won you, it’s not over. Not only resolve the conflict is getting deep. I win, I went back to work, to force teammates hard, waiting for you back, looking forward to you back in atrocious, also looking forward to your a batter. I am horizontal. Stop, whistle, you shoot, I will jump to the ball from the basket over the side to smoke! You knocked me, okay, I’m lying on the ground do some pushups, buddy hard! Beat you, cool, cool to shout out, wolf general shout, who let me cross! When the game is too bright, elbows, until the referee blew me, blowing out my light, this is not yet to do what six fouls. You said I dirty, casual, you have your ideas, I can not control, I have no need to win polar. More than a rubbish, I say you, say you humiliate you, this is NBA, this is the battlefield, no mercy, you said I was anxious, lost judgment, began to make mistakes, right! You can also say me, anyway, I cross, I do not hurry! Otherwise, I’ll fight. I don’t care anyway. Looks like Garnett is a bad guy. This age is especially. Now, a person is very few, it is difficult in a team for a lifetime, not bow to see the rise, not one day’s teammate, a day after the left line, good to see how good, polite, Friendliness is conducive to business success.. Way more than friends, more than one enemy less door, maybe which team will give you a big contract, if one team leader is not happy, not how much money I lost. Besides, the