35Not according to the rules of the way you are just run a nuisance|Not according to the rules of the way you are just run a nuisance0

Not according to the rules of the way you are just run a nuisance? Data figure when the season, the marathon held together, which in addition to track beauty, rescue hero, also there is no lack of "happy nuisance". What are some of the things that are annoying in a marathon? Let Xiaobian to you and Tucao it! Not in accordance with the provisions of the region! The marathon is a sport that many people take part in, and the number of participants in the domestic marathon can reach tens of thousands. In order to match the order and security of the marathon start, the players will follow a certain partition in order to run. In the just concluded, many G, F players did not start in accordance with the provisions of the region. This will not only disrupt the order of the game, but also may affect the other players play, this is really not happy! "Anywhere" things! In Chinese culture, any public place is an indecent act, let alone tens of thousands of people in public places. Urinating, littering, throw away the supply of paper cups, peel, spit… These "everywhere" behavior simply let all the runners shame. Originally the emerging tourist city with sports spirit as an opportunity, by these "Spitting" behavior confused filthy, so is the marathon by the local people reject. These "random" behavior is not welcome in the marathon. Despite the hardships of the game, all the time to challenge our physical and psychological, but to maintain the basic etiquette and elegance is more important than running out of PB! It is also the most basic respect for the city and the people who run the marathon. Obstacle people! The marathon may sometimes be a need to overcome the obstacle race, because in this way you will encounter obstacles — very much of a company to promote enterprise and let staff raised the banner of runners, hands long self bar… These things to meet the needs of their own, while the other runners may cause trouble, a collision accident will not be careful. Xiao Bian here, if you like to use self bar take their own running posture, then please self timer running along the direction to take self equipment instead of horizontally placed, so as not to stop behind the players; when the self timer should pay attention to both sides and foot, safety first. Suggested that the company can participate in a unified team dress or wear a small company logo, must be, the most important thing is to participate in the marathon and the sense of participation in their own sports, rather than the company’s participation". Retention! If the aircraft is waiting for the starting point, then stranded marathon absolutely make you anxious to burst! Lead, over the line, the supply station is known as the three largest concentration of marathon. You do not need to stay may cause the whole marathon arena flow congestion, suggested that marathon beginning runners do homework, don’t stay too long in the above places; and the organizers of the marathon should also be in accordance with the number of participants to set reasonable service point and process. Suddenly the marathon was a fluid exercise, smooth