35Li Ming most of the players have been fully prepared to meet the standards – Sohu Sports|Li Ming most of the players have been fully prepared to meet the standards – Sohu Sports4

Li Ming: most of the players to the game level has been fully prepared – Sohu sports HD: U19 National Football Championship for Li Ming with the notebook tactical layout Beijing September 9 to 13, the 2016 "Changan Ford Cup" Qujing international youth football tournament will be held in the city culture of Qujing Sports Park stadium. U-19 Yaqingsai made the final preparations for the China U-19 national soccer team, and Iran, Mexico, Kazakhstan three same age team took turns to battle. The game uses a single round robin system, a total of 3 rounds of the game in 6. Today morning, the 2016 "Changan Ford Cup" Qujing international youth soccer tournament before the press conference held in Jinjiang Fubang International Hotel Qujing, four participating countries and representatives attended the coach and introduced the team to prepare for the case with the presence of the media. The national youth coach, former striker Li Ming first expressed thanks to the Organizing Committee and the local organizers, then he said: "I am happy with the three different style of the team to carry on the discussion, the three types of teams and our Yaqingsai rivals Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Australia are very similar to Leah. At the same time, in order to prepare for the final pre Yaqingsai, the team has conducted three week tour in Holland, the event has done very well prepared." After 30 hours of travel, but also facing the plateau, Li Ming admitted: from the level of the opponent, this will be a very intense competition. But for the time difference and the plateau problem, I think Chinese team does not have the advantage, we also experienced a long flight from Europe, only 16 players in the first day of the report when the team, the team can meet until this evening. For us it is a real problem. But I believe that our players are in the game with the Asian team have ideas, I look forward to the team can get good results." Talking about the Yaqingsai goal, Li Ming stressed: "in Yaqingsai, even for the championship, and Chinese football team can improve and develop more. Most of the players in our team have reached the required level of the game, and even some players just had 12 finals, was promoted to the club’s first team, participated in the AFC Champions League, I believe that these players can help the team in the Yaqingsai play better."