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What are the manifestations of   of chronic gastric ulcer; Chinese medicine doctor how conditioning — people.com.cn Health Channel – people.com.cn original title: chronic gastric ulcer what Chinese medicine doctor how conditioning gastric ulcer is a common clinical disease of digestive system, according to the duration of the disease duration and onset of symptoms can be divided into different levels acute gastric ulcer and chronic gastric ulcer two types. The pathogenesis of chronic gastric ulcer patients is mostly due to long-term bad eating habits, long-term mental stress or anxiety and other mental factors, alcohol or drugs from long-term stimulation. The following focuses on the symptoms of chronic gastric ulcer. 1, the most typical chronic gastric ulcer patient’s symptoms include abdominal pain, epigastric abdominal pain position mostly in the middle or upper left, compared to a severe pain in the upper abdomen unbearable and the pathogenesis of acute gastric ulcer of patients with chronic gastric ulcer is often the pain feeling, this kind of pain can sometimes spread to the pain under the left the abdomen or back part. 2, patients with chronic gastric ulcer usually have the characteristics of increased pain after eating, generally in the half hour to one hour after the meal pain intensified, after a period of time the symptoms gradually ease. 3, due to gastric ulcer patients with abdominal pain can be increased after eating, so patients may eat less food in order to avoid pain, mild low oil or low-fat choice will not lead to severe pain, such a long time, may cause the intake of patients with insufficient heat, causing the loss of body weight, even cases of malnutrition. 4, with the gradual development of the disease, some patients in the upper abdomen can touch the hard texture of the package, there is tenderness, sometimes vomiting, compression block when the strong sense of vomiting. 5, chronic gastric ulcer disease gradually increased, or can appear unexplained black stool, go to the hospital laboratory test will be the result of stool blood, this is to explain the condition has been very serious. Traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of chronic gastric ulcer patients should be in normal nutrition should be rich in nutrients, containing less waste, easy to chew, digestible food is appropriate. If the ulcer should be serious, liquid diet is appropriate, such as rice, which can not only supply the patient more nutrition, but also alleviate the situation. Should the day in patients with gastric ulcer diet to control, poor diet such as overeating, drinking and smoking law without excessive eating is not only scientific, but also to the stomach harm. In another part of the patients with gastric ulcer, loss of appetite, three meals a day not essential, symbolically eat rice, even complete the task, at one point, may be appropriate to meet the condition, pay attention to food color fragrance to adjust the taste buds, thereby increasing appetite. As the saying goes, "ten stomach cold in nine," it is recommended that patients with gastric ulcer should cooperate with warm work, so as not to cause cold stomach cramps. In addition, raw diet is the diet taboo in patients with gastric ulcer. With Yi Jian in the diet at the same time, can choose the appropriate such as walking, jogging, Tai Chi, qigong and other non violent movement, so as to enhance the patients with gastric ulcer gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote digestion and absorption of food nutrients. )